Baggout has recently chosen The Girl Next Door as one of the top 15 personal blogs in India! It is, indeed, heartening and humbling to see this! Thank you, Baggout!

While we are talking about being featured, let me also tell you about The Girl Next Door’s being featured in the bi-monthly travel magazine Travel Secrets, back in 2014. I don’t think I wrote about it then – and better late than never, eh?

1521863_205899926266098_294070486_n‘We think this is a charming, down-to-earth blog with some good travel and life stories. The photos are not always bright and beautiful, but the blog has a soul,’ they say.

Travel Secrets also found my post on Bhoochakra Gadda very interesting and, with permission, reproduced it in their March-April 2014 issue.

1912480_226534904202600_1669989614_nThank you all over again, Travel Secrets. It was great seeing this once again!

Thank you too, dear readers, for showering your love and appreciation on The Girl Next Door. It has always been a pleasure to voice my thoughts here, to see them reflected by many. Your comments have led to several interesting discussions, and have taught me a whole lot more about life and the world around me.


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