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16 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Hi, I have been trying to leave a comment on your mango post since the evening. I can’t see a comment form, I imagine you have once since you end most of your posts with a question. I don’t think the site is loading properly on my computers, I wonder why. Like I said on my own post, I’m so thrilled that you tried this. Yours looks really good and professional and has that practised, traditional look.


  2. Hi girlnextdoor, will u please give mě ooty nursery address n mobile no so that i can purchase fuchsia plant. 2weeks back, i purchase samé of 2 different colour white n purple, but due to continous trip till mysore n blore, the 2 small rooted plants died while coming back home to mumbai. I was dissapointed since we took great care of it, so plz give mě nursery add to purchase new fuchsia plants.


  3. Here’s a challenge for you. Write on a love hate relationship with a person of the opposite gender. The post should focus on the mixed emotions that are felt and your way of dealing with them. Preferably not fiction, but I leave that choice to you!


  4. Hey galnxtdoor!! 🙂 I have been meaning to write to you since you left those comments on my blog, but unfortunately have had a spate of unexpected travelling and my poor blog has been left neglected. Thank you for adding me on to your reading list and I hope to not disappoint you like this..:)


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