Introducing: Oddy Uniwraps Food Wrapping Paper, A Super Handy Kitchen Equipment

I’m always looking for healthier, more eco-friendly alternatives to the things we use around our home on a daily basis. So, when I was asked if I would like to try out a sample of Oddy Uniwraps, an organic food wrapping paper, I agreed immediately. And… I’m so loving it!

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Rava Mixed Vegetable Upma With Eastern’s Green Jackfruit Flour

Breakfast yesterday was rava (semolina) mixed vegetable upma, cooked with some green jackfruit flour. Yes, you read that right. 🙂 Eastern Condiments has recently come up with a revolutionary product, called the Jackfruit 365 Green Jackfruit Flour, which I was sent a sample of for testing and review.

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Product Review: Bake Me India Vanilla Shortbread Cookies Baking Kit

Baking with the bub has always been a dream of mine. Ever since I became a mommy –  even before that I think – I would dream of, one day, standing alongside the bub in our kitchen, measuring out ingredients, mixing them up, placing a cake or cookies in the oven, letting her lick the last of the batter from the mixing bowl, waiting for the oven timer to go off, and laughing at the look of awe on her face on watching the finished product get out of the oven..  all of this and more. You get the drift, right?

I never actually attempted anything like this, though, till very recently, when I won a Bake Me India Vanilla Shortbread Cookies Baking Kit on an Instagram photo contest.

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Kacche Kele Ki Tikki (Raw Banana Cutlets), Served With A Cheesy Dip

Are you looking for a different-from-the-usual snack that can be made fairly easily? Try out these kacche kele ki tikki or raw banana cutlets, which are simple to prepare, but delish. They are shallow-fried, so not as much of a guilty indulgence as a deep-fried snack, but equally good! Anddddddd….. they are just perfect for the rainy evenings that seem to be the norm these days, especially in Bangalore!

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Eid Special| Thoughts About Shan Special Sheer Khurma Mix

Eid Mubarak to all those who are celebrating today! 🙂

This day, I had to break open the packet of Shan Special Sheer Khurma Mix that I had been hoarding for a while! It is the day of Eid after all! Let me tell you, I absolutely loved the way it turned out, and so did everyone at home.

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What’s In My Shopping Bag?

These days, while out grocery shopping, I often get carried away by products that are not on my list at all. This is a malady that affects most food bloggers, I suspect. 🙂

Want to know about some little things that recently called out to me from the shelves of departmental stores, recently, and found their way into my shopping bag. Check them out here!

Tell me about your latest foodie discoveries, too. I would love to know!

Product Experience: myDaily Meal Replacement Shake

The Four Fountains Spa recently sent across a sample of their latest innovation – myDailyMeal meal replacement shake – for review. The product sounded very interesting to me, considering I have never tried a shake in replacement of a meal before, and that is precisely why I said yes to review it.

About the product:

As per the myDaily Meal website, “myDaily is our effort to break food into its fundamental basics and provides the most convenient and healthy nutrition in today’s fast paced life. It is the best meal option rather than skipping meals or eating junk due to lack of time.”

The press release provided by The Four Fountains PR states “myDaily Meal is a Perfectly Engineered Meal Replacement Shake that provides exact nutrients – including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber – as required by your body in 1 meal.”

The shake, in powder form, neatly packaged in a plastic pouch

Further, the website says, “myDaily is prepared using ingredients of natural origin. All the ingredients contained in the formula are essential nutrients needed by the body on daily basis. These ingredients are deemed safe by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and are not known to cause any side effects. It has no added preservatives, no artificial colours and is transfat free. The product has been formulated by Dr. Ezhil Arasan who is a well known research scientist and a consultant to various nutrition and nutraceutical companies.”

The back of the packet

In other words, myDaily is a shake that can replace one meal of yours in terms of nutrition. This is something you can have in lieu of a meal on the go, or if you are too caught up in chores to sit down and eat.

My thoughts on the product:

  1. I liked the packaging of the product. It comes in easy-to-carry pouches that you can take anywhere. I like that this product can be useful to people who might not have access to nutritious food for a certain amount of time.
  2. The shake is very, very easy to use. All you need to do is empty the contents of one pack (115 gm) into a shaker containing 350 ml of water, shake well to ensure that the powder dissolves entirely and mixes well with the water, and you get a ready-to-consume shake.
The contents of one 115 gm pouch

3. I was expecting the shake to have a medicinal smell and taste, but it was pleasantly free of any such thing. I was provided a chocolate-flavoured sample for review, and the shake tasted (and smelt like) any other chocolate-flavoured shake, albeit a tad watery.

4. The shake isn’t slimy or extremely thick, as you would expect a health drink to be, but quite palatable.

The shake, after I poured it out into a mason jar

5. I found the shake to be a wee bit too sweet for my taste – an artificial sweetener kind of sweetness that you feel in your throat. If that can change, plus the addition of some milk solids, the shake would be scrumptious, I feel.

6. I had the shake in lieu of breakfast one day, and it kept me full for about three hours.

7. The shake is available, presently, in three flavours – chocolate, vanilla and neutral. So, if you plan to consume this every day, you can alternate between flavours and do not have to get bored of the same old drink all the time.


  1. I received the sample free of cost in exchange for a honest review. The views expressed herein, about the product, are entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. I do not stand to receive any commercial gain by promoting or not promoting this particular product.
  2. I am not enough of an expert to take you through the ingredients on the packet and tell you how good or bad they are. Also, I am not one to advocate the skipping of a meal in lieu of a packaged product (I would go for a plate of idlis or a home-made fresh fruit milkshake instead), except for situations of dire emergency or need. I agreed to this review just because I was curious about the product, and am stating my honest thoughts about it here. The decision of whether to try it out or not, I leave to your discretion.
  3. The myDaily website states, and I agree: “If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from an illness it is best to consult your healthcare provider before consuming myDaily.”
  4. I am not knowledgeable enough to comment on the effect of this product on weight loss. It would be best to take the advice of a nutritionist or doctor of repute, in this regard.

Price and Availability:

Each packet of myDaily Meal Replacement Shake costs INR 175.

The product is available on Amazon, too. (Check out this, this and this).

Have you tried this or a similar meal replacement shake out? How was your experience with it?


Product Experience: Pee Safe Toilet Sanitiser Spray And Multi-Use Wet Wipes

So, the good people at Pee Safe asked me if I would be interested in reviewing two of their products – their Pee Safe toilet sanitizer spray and multi-use wet wipes. I said yes, and I am glad I did. I loved both the products, especially the spray.

Here are my thoughts about the Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray.

This is a unique product, at least to me. I have never come across something like this before. As the name suggests, this is a spray that helps sanitize public toilets and makes them safe to use. At the same time, it deodorises the toilet too, protecting you from dangerous germs as well as dreadful smells. 🙂

I am the kind of person who dreads using public toilets because of the lack of hygiene associated with them. I would rather wait till I get to our hotel or get back home to pee, rather than use a public loo. But then, that is not always possible. In situations where there is no other go but to use a public toilet, Pee Safe comes in handy.

A 40 ml bottle of Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray

The spray is super simple to use. All you need to do is shake the bottle, open the cap, hold the nozzle 25 cm away from the toilet and spray, then wait for 5 seconds for it to act. It has a pleasant fragrance and, apparently, gets rid of 99.9% of the germs that lurk in public toilets, causing urinary tract infections and other ailments. (Go here if you’d like to see a video about how the spray needs to be used).

The bottle is very easy to carry around in your handbag or laptop bag, making it a boon for frequent travellers and others who need to use public restrooms often. The Pee Safe website tells me the spray is allowed on flights, too, so you can carry it wherever you go.

The sanitizer spray comes in different sizes, and I received the 40 ml one as a testing sample. I found it so very handy when I recently travelled via road to Tumkur. This is a product that I would definitely recommend, for men and women alike. Better to be safe than sorry, I say!

As far as my understanding goes, the spray needs to be kept out of reach of children, but then that is the case with all disinfectants. Do keep this in mind when you buy such products, though.

A 40 ml bottle of Pee Safe toilet sanitizer spray is priced at INR 99, which is very reasonable, I think.

And here are my thoughts on the Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes.

The Pee Safe wet wipes are multi-use, as the name suggests. They are completely safe to use on skin, and can be used on your face and hands. They can also be used to wipe cutlery and furniture while dining out, as well as on door handles, computer keyboards, desks, or your seat on a flight or train journey. These wipes apparently kill the germs that lurk on these surfaces, your skin included, and thereby reduce your chances of contracting infections.

In case of an injury, these wipes are safe to use on injured skin. They help in removing dirt and microbes from the site of the wound, bringing down the chances of infections.

A pack containing 10 Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes

The wipes come with a nice, soft fragrance, and are cool and refreshing. They can be very easily carried around in a purse or a laptop bag. Just like the toilet sanitizer spray, these wipes are also super useful for a frequent traveller or one who needs to use public places frequently. I found the wipes so useful on our road trip, too! The wipes are another product that I wouldn’t mind recommending to friends and acquaintances.

The instructions on the package suggest that the wipes be kept out of reach of babies, and that infants not be allowed to chew on them, swallow them, or lick them. It is, therefore, essential to store the wipes out of reach of children and dispose of them properly. Do keep this in mind when you use this product.

A packet of 10 Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes costs INR 60 – quite reasonable, again.

Where can you buy these products?

You can buy both these products off the official Pee Safe website here. They are also available on SafetyKart, Amazon India, and eBay India.

More information:

Check out the Pee Safe Facebook page for more details about these products.


I received 2 40 ml bottles of Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer Spray and 2 packets of Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes, containing 10 wipes each, as free samples for the purpose of testing. The views expressed here are my own, based on my personal use of the two products. I do not stand to any kind of commercial gain from Pee Safe by recommending their products.

Product Experience: Rose Geranium Hand-Crafted Luxury Bath Soap from SOS Organics

I make it a point to visit the Dastkar arts and crafts exhibition whenever it is in Bangalore, but it was my experience there only last year that, sort of, shaped me. If you remember, I wrote about my visit to Dastkar 2015 here, how it changed me, how I began to see hand-crafted and organic produce with new eyes, how I pledged to make informed buys whenever I could, and how I decided to try to go the natural way as far as the products and services we consume go. I started the latter in a small way at the fair last year, by getting some organic, hand-crafted soaps from Neev. I am happy to tell you that, almost one year since, I have stuck to the using of hand-crafted, organic soaps – I have been reading up about and experimenting with a variety of such soaps, and have had several really good experiences. 🙂

Today, I am here to tell you about one such hand-crafted, organic soap that I have tried and loved – the Rose Geranium soap from SOS Organics. They call it a ‘hand-crafted luxury bath soap’, and I think that is apt for the luxurious, fragrant bar that it is.


The things that I loved about this soap:

  1. I like the packaging of the soap. It comes in a cute little paper box, wrapped in a plastic cover to ensure that the fragrance of the soap doesn’t go off.
  2. The soap has a gorgeous smell of roses and herbs – it is just the right amount of fragrance, without being too overpowering, I think. The smell lingers around your home and your body for some time after you bathe with the soap, and I have come to love that.
  3. I like the look of the soap, too. It looks like something hand-made and natural.
  4. It lathers well and washes off easily.
  5. It leaves my extremely dry skin feeling lovely and moist, without making it look like it is dripping with oil either. And that is quite a feat, I tell you, considering just how dry my skin is, and the sheer number of soaps that I have used in the past which have either made my skin feel drier or have made it super-duper oily. After a bath with this soap, I do not feel the urge to apply a moisturiser on my body immediately – which is what usually happens with other soaps. My skin looks and feels better when I use this soap. Period.
  6. The soap does dissolve rather fast, but then, I am told that is the mark of a good soap. That is how a pure soap is supposed to be – it is not supposed to last forever and ever!
  7. The firm claims that the soap is made using 100% natural ingredients, like coconut oil, madder root, rose geranium and nettle leaf powder, and that it does not contain any chemicals, artificial colours or preservatives. And, having used the soap, I can, sort of, feel that it is pure and natural. The soap does not have the chemical, artificial feel that several other similar products do.
  8. Apparently, the product has not been tested on animals which is, again, something I love about it.
  9. The natural ingredients (especially the rose geranium and patchouli oil) used in the making of the soap make it great for dry skin, mood upliftment, and relieving stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy. I can vouch for the stress- and anxiety-relief part.
  10. Most of the products of SOS Organics come from its production unit near Almora, Uttarakhand, in the midst of the Himalayas. I think it is a great way of providing gainful employment to the villagers there. I love that I am, in my own small way, contributing towards this end. (Side note – Take a look at their Facebook page, and tell me if you aren’t charmed!)


The cons:

  1. The price is slightly on the higher side – INR 140 for a 100-gram bar. That said, considering the many benefits of the soap that I have experienced myself and the fact that it is hand-made, I don’t mind the price.
  2. I wish the packaging of each soap contained information about the special properties it contained and what kind of skin it would suit (normal, oily, acne-prone, dry, very dry, sensitive, dull, damaged).

Other details:

  1. The soap is easily available in most eco-friendly outlets across Bangalore. I bought it at Eco Store, HSR Layout – a shop that I have come to love. On a related note, do visit the store, if you haven’t already!
  2. You can buy the soap online too. Amazon India has it, as does Joy by Nature. You can even buy it straight off SOS Organics’ website – there are no shipping charges within India, but the minimum order value is INR 750.
  3. SOS Organics also offers a huge variety of other products, most of them infused with Himalayan goodness. I am yet to try out their other products, and am eagerly waiting for a chance to do so! Take a look at the wide range of products the firm has on offer here (Do read the ‘Pahari Gold’ part here!).

Have you used this product? I would love to know your thoughts about it, if you have. If you haven’t, I would definitely urge you to give it a shot!

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are entirely my own, based on personal experience. I bought the product with my own money, and I write about it only because I loved it. There is no commercial motive associated with this post.