Chawal Ke Pakode| Leftover Rice Fritters

Recently, I recreated a dish that my mother would make often as I was growing up – Chawal Ke Pakode or fritters using leftover rice. She would make these fritters whenever there was extra cooked rice left over, and they would get gobbled up in minutes. In fact, apart from the rice, she would add any leftover dry curry, upma or vermicelli too. 🙂 Best way to use up leftovers, I say.

Check out my recipe, just in on my photo blog!

In Conversation With Chef Kunal Kapur: About Food And More

A chef who has trained under some of the most reputed institutions out there, who has a couple of television shows to his name, who is well recognised by all and sundry in Indian households, who has been a judge of the famed MasterChef India, who has been witness to some of the most exciting trends in the culinary world, who has had the opportunity to cook for the nation’s Prime Minister and the foreign dignitaries visiting him – that is Kunal Kapur for you, a celebrity in his own right. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity, recently, to attend a ‘Food Camp’ by the celebrity chef at the International Institute Of Hotel Management (IIHM), Bangalore.

I had gone to the event prepared with a set of questions for the chef, and was so glad I managed a little one-on-one conversation with him. Chef Kapur was happy to answer my questions, in his cool and composed and smiling manner.

Do read the little tete-a-tete I had with Chef, just in on my photo blog!

Kunal Kapur’s Food Camp, IIHM-Bangalore: An Absolutely Enthralling Experience

Earlier this week, I was invited to be a part of ‘Food Camp’ by celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor at the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Bangalore. It was an opportunity I grabbed with both hands, because why would a foodie like me miss a chance to learn from a celebrity chef himself?!

Do check out a detailed account of my experience at the food camp, just in on my photo blog!

Cook-Off With Chef Michael Swamy, at Fairfield By Marriott

I recently got the opportunity to witness celebrated Chef Michael Swamy in action, at a cook-off organised by Fairfield By Marriott. It turned out to be a fun evening, as Chef Swamy, alongside Chef Aniket Das (Executive Chef at Fairfield By Marriott, Rajajinagar) demonstrated a few recipes from Maharashtra and Karnataka. The best part? The Chefs showed the audience, consisting of food bloggers and foodies, how to cook these dishes in a healthy way, without having to compromise on the taste.

Read a detailed account of my experience at the cook-off, just in on my photo blog!

Cotton Candy Ice Cream| Candy Floss (Buddhi Ke Baal) Ice Cream

I am always hunting for unique flavours of ice cream and, this summer, have tried my hands at making quite a few new-to-me ice creams at home. When I saw several international bloggers making cotton candy ice cream, I knew I had to try it out too, that I was going to love it. So, try it I did, and the ice cream was much loved by everyone at home!

Check out my recipe, here.

Ripe Mango Mania| Best Ripe Mango Recipes| Ripe Mango Recipe Collection

I think, by now, all of you know how mango-crazy I am. I have been putting up mango-based recipes throughout this summer, like I do every year. I have absolutely loved the process of trying all these recipes out.

Mango season is, sadly, soon about to come to an end. Before that, I would like to put out a list of the best ripe mango recipes from my blog. I hope you will try out at least a few from this ripe mango recipe collection!

Do check out my photo blog to view the recipe collection, here.

Playing Hide-And-Seek With The Clouds In Meghalaya

While holidaying in Meghalaya, one of the husband’s and my favourite pastimes was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. Like two excitable kids, we would shout out – ‘Look, there come the clouds!’. We would watch, fascinated, as the clouds would blot out things as big as elephants from our line of vision, letting us see only that which they wanted us to see.

Check out a few ‘cloudy’ snapshots we took at Arwah caves, Cherrapunjee – just in on my photo blog!

Ripe Mango Hummus With Sriracha

This summer, don’t miss trying out this beautiful mango hummus with Sriracha sauce. It is smooth and creamy, and just the right mix of spicy and tangy and sweet. It makes for a great spread on toasted bread, a lovely base for sandwiches. It goes as a beautiful dip for lavash, chips, murukkus (yes!), nachos and khakras, too. Make it to know just how versatile it is, yet how easy to make!

Get the recipe on my photo blog, here!

10 Reasons To Plan For At Least A Day’s Stay at Mawlynnong, Asia’s Cleanest Village

On our recent trip to North-East India, we had a memorable overnight stay at Mawlynnong, Meghalaya, touted as Asia’s cleanest village.

Most visitors, however, plan only for a brief stop-over at the village, not a stay. Mawlynnong deserves to be stayed in, though, felt, experienced, lived in, loved.

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