Safed Dhokla| Gujarati White Dhokla Using Idli Batter

Today, I present to you the recipe for a Gujarati snack that goes by the name of Safed Dhokla (literally ‘white dhokla‘ in the local language).
This is one of the types of Dhokla commonly made in Gujarat, using idli batter. If you have idli batter on hand, it is a breeze to prepare these dhokla. They taste absolutely lovely, and are a highly nutritious snack to boot. Since they are steam-cooked, very little oil goes into them, making them perfect for weight-watchers. Safed Dhokla is a completely plant-based, vegan dish. In itself, this is a gluten-free dish as well.
The Safed Dhokla I have presented here is the most basic style – tempered with just mustard seeds and fresh coriander. At the end of my post, I have suggested a few different variations to the Safed Dhokla that you can try out, so you get a different-tasting snack every time you make it!
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Imli Ka Amlana|Refreshing Tamarind Summer Cooler

Would you like to know about a tangy, super refreshing drink that would be just perfect for the hot summer days that seem to be reigning the country right now? Yes? What if I tell you such a drink can be made in a very healthy way, and would require just a few minutes of your time to make at home? Sounds too far-fetched? Not at all!
Here’s presenting to you – Imli Ka Amlana, a summer-special beverage from the hot and arid land of Rajasthan. Traditionally made with tamarind pulp and sugar, this drink is a mix of tangy and sweet, spiced mildly. The Indian spices that go into it make this extremely flavourful, at the same time aiding one’s digestion as well. It is a yummy way to get all the health benefits that tamarind possesses into one’s system, I would say!
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Gajar Mula Beet No Sambharo|Gujarati Root Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

If you are looking for an easy-peasy, healthy and delish accompaniment for your meals this summer, this Gajar Mula Beet No Sambharo is it!

Sambharo‘ is the Gujarati version of a stir-fry, or a warm salad of sorts. It can be prepared using a variety of vegetables, and is super simple to prepare. The sambharo commonly makes an appearance as a part of the Gujarati thali, or is served alongside local snacks like fafda, thepla, khaman and dhokla.

This Gajar Mula Beet No Sambharo is made using the root vegetables of carrot, radish and beetroot. The very simple stir-fry that this is, it takes bare minutes to put together. Very little oil goes into it, the veggies cooked just enough to retain their crunch. The carrot, radish and beetroot meld together beautifully to create a delicious whole. What more can you ask for from a dish?

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Moraiya Ni Khichdi| Samai Arisi Khichdi

Today, I present to you the recipe for Moraiya Ni Khichdi or Samai Arisi Khichdi, a Gujarati dish made using barnyard millet (moraiyo or moriyo in Gujarati, samai arisi in Tamil, sama ke chawal in Hindi).
A Gujarati friend of mine taught me how to make this delectable confection, many years ago, with potatoes and peanuts added to it for flavour, scented by ginger and green chillies, coriander and curry leaves, soured with curd. The Gujaratis refer to this dish as ‘Farali Khichdi‘, i.e. khichdi that can be eaten during fasting. I’m sure you will love this khichdi too, fast or no fast!
I absolutely adore Moraiya Ni Khichdi, and the husband loves it too. I make it often for breakfast or dinner – it is quite light on the stomach and easily digestible, perfect for the hot, hot, hot days prevailing in Bangalore right about now. What’s more, the little grain cooks super fast too. Tell me what is not to love, with this khichdi? 🙂
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Pasi Parippu Kosumalli|Simple South Indian Lentil Salad

Best wishes for Sri Rama Navami!

Today, I present to you the recipe for Pasi Parippu Kosumalli, a simple South Indian-style lentil salad. This mildly spiced salad is extremely delicious and healthy, and is a breeze to put together. A dish that is traditionally prepared in Tamilian households on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, this cooling salad is just perfect to beat the summer heat that is soaring by the day.

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Neer More With A Difference| Spiced Buttermilk Recipe

It is Sri Rama Navami this weekend, the birthday of God Rama. In Tamilian households, this occasion is marked by the preparation of Neer More (literally, ‘watered-down buttermilk’ in Tamil), Panakam (a mildly spiced beverage prepared with jaggery water), and Kosumalli (a salad made using split moong daal).

Today, I present to you a recipe for Neer More that is different from the usual. This is not your regular South Indian-style spiced buttermilk, but one infused with kaffir lime and chilli. This version is just as delicious, just as cooling as the traditional one, and is equally simple to prepare. Do try out this new Spiced Buttermilk Recipe this summer!

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Classic Cupcake Recipe| Easy Vanilla Cupcakes

Today, I present to you a Classic Cupcake Recipe, a recipe for the most basic of cupcakes, an easy-peasy one that needs barely 5 minutes to put together. There are no fancy ingredients in there, no egg replacer – I’ve used old-fashioned maida and eggs to achieve these little vanilla-scented beauties. There’s no icing of any kind, either. Just sprinkle some powdered sugar on them and they are ready to munch on! A right beginner baker’s recipe this is. 🙂
If you, like me, have been scared of baking and want to break that barrier, this is the recipe you must be trying out. It’s so simple, really, so tough to mess up. Soft, fluffy, cute cupcakes will be your reward.
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Niramish Aloor Dum|Bengali Dum Aloo Recipe

Aloor Dum is perhaps one of the best-known foods from the Bengali cuisine, apart from the gorgeous sweets of course. The special way the Bengalis have of cooking potatoes – spicy, with a sweetish tinge to them – has bowled over many, including me.

Today, I present to you the recipe for Niramish Aloor Dum (literally ‘no-meat dum aloo‘ in Bengali), in other words an entirely vegetarian sabzi. Since this dish is typically prepared for Pujo and other religious occasions, it is made vegetarian, without the use of even onion or garlic.

This is my take on the Niramish Aloor Dum, a pressure-cooker version that gets cooked in a jiffy but tastes every bit as scrumptious as the traditional version.

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Healthy Thai Carrot Salad Recipe

Today, I present to you a Healthy Thai Carrot Salad!

You know those days when you are dying to eat something lovely, but know you just cannot do unhealthy? This is definitely the kind of salad you should try out on such days! It makes for a wonderfully refreshing mid-morning or evening snack, or a lovely accompaniment to lunch or dinner.

Like most Thai dishes, this one too is a beautiful medley of flavours. Every single ingredient that goes into it lends a pronounced flavour and texture to the salad, making it sweet and salty and spicy and sour all at once.

This is a vegetarian version of the typical Thai Carrot Salad Recipe, sans the fish sauce or oyster sauce, vegan and gluten-free as well. This is an absolutely zero-oil salad! I have also tried to make it as healthy as possible, using wholesome ingredients and a healthy sweetener. It is super easy to make as well!

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Cauliflower Stalk Bai| Mizoram Bai Recipe

Have you heard of a dish called Bai?

For the uninitiated, Bai is a kind of soup that hails from the exotic north-eastern state of Mizoram. The state boasts of a number of indigenous leafy greens, many of which are unheard of outside – and several of these greens go into the Bai. Whatever vegetables are in season also find their way into the Bai. Some Rajah chillies (aka Bhut Jholokia or Ghost Pepper) and fermented mustard – both commonly used ingredients in Mizo kitchens – also form a part of this soup. If it is being served to non-vegetarians, pork sauce is also added. Very simple to prepare and very nutritious, bai is something you will typically find cooked across Mizo households.

Today, I present to you the recipe for Cauliflower Stalk Baibai made with the stalks of cauliflower – yes, you read that right! This is a vegetarian Mizoram Bai Recipe, which I have made with ingredients commonly available where I live.

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