Ada Hengu Khechudi| Orissa-Style Rice Flavoured With Ginger And Asafoetida

This Ada Hengu Khechudi is stunning in its simplicity and, yet, manages to be so very flavourful. This is the khichdi – flavoured simply with ginger and asafoetida – that is offered as prasadam at the famed temple of Lord Jagannath in Orissa.

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Vatana Ane Tuver Lilva Ni Kachori| Gujarati Pigeon Peas And Green Peas Kachori

Fresh pigeon peas – tuver lilva or tuver dana in Gujarati, tuvarai in Tamil – is one of my favourite winter veggies. I love cooking with it, and one of my favourite things to make with these peas is Gujarati-style kachori. I think tuver lilva ni kachori, made with green peas and/or potatoes – are one of the bestest-ever things to eat during winters!

Check out the detailed recipe for these kachoris, just in on my photo blog.

Udupi Sambar| Bangalore Hotel Sambar| Tiffin Sambar

I’m a big fan of the sweetish sambar served with idli, vada and dosa in restaurants in Bangalore. When I shifted to Bangalore and tried out this sambar, it was love at first bite. It was much later that I learnt that this sweet sambar originated in Udupi, a small city in Karnataka. My love for Udupi sambar led me to learn making it at home.

Check out the recipe for the sambar, just in on my photo blog!

One-Pot Vegetable Khichdi In Buttermilk| Moong Daal Vegetable Khichdi Cooked In Buttermilk

I absolutely adore cooking with curd and buttermilk. Be it Gujarati kadhi or Punjabi, ras no fajeto or more koozhu, shrikhand or a bowl of chaaswala mug, I love them all. Cooking khichdi in buttermilk never occurred to me, though, till I recently saw a recipe on a friend’s food blog.

Inspired, I tried out a one-pot moong daal vegetable khichdi in buttermilk, and it turned out absolutely fantabulous! I’m pretty sure this is going our new comfort food. Besides, it is a great way to use up leftover buttermilk as well. What’s more, this is a one-pot dish that can be cooked in a jiffy!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Khao Phad| Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice

You have to try out this Khao Phad – Thai fried rice – to believe just how delicious it is! Like most other Thai dishes, this one too is a beautiful medley of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours. It is wholesome, and makes for a perfect lunch or dinner by itself. I have used ingredients that are commonly found in India, that will help you create this awesome fried rice within minutes, with just a little beforehand prep.

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Easy Basundi Recipe (With Condensed Milk)

When I think of the years we lived in Ahmedabad, I cannot not think of basundi. It used to be a favourite, favourite sweet dish, rich and creamy without being overly so, loaded with nuts. This cousin of the North Indian rabri is something I associate with festive times, specifically Diwali.

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Methi Nu Shaak| Fenugreek Green Curry With Chickpea Flour

A dry curry with fenugreek greens (methi) and chickpea flour (besan) is a traditional Gujarati preparation. You will surely find this dish on the dining table of a Gujarati household, especially during the winters. The chickpea flour and the sugar added to the curry even out the bitterness of the fenugreek greens, making the taste absolutely fantabulous. It is a great, great way to incorporate the greens in your diet, I think.

The recipe for this beautiful curry is up on my photo blog! Check it out!

Pressure Cooker Sem Ki Sabzi| One-Pot Double Beans (Lima Beans) Curry

I am a big, big fan of double beans in the dried form. Recently, I spotted fresh double beans (also called sem or lima beans) at the Jayanagar market, and couldn’t resist picking up some. I used them to make this beautiful pressure-cooker curry to go with rotis, for lunch today.

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog! 🙂