Baked Mango Cheesecake (No Gelatin, With Cottage Cheese)

This Baked Mango Cheesecake is a sinful summer treat. Made with paneer aka cottage cheese and the gorgeous ripe mangoes which are in season now, it uses no fancy ingredients like gelatin, agar agar or cream cheese. It is such a simple thing to make, yet extremely flavourful, soft and rich and light all at once.

Do try it out! The recipe is up on my blog! 🙂


Varagu Arisi Masala Pongal| Pressure Cooker Kodo Millet Masala Khichdi

This Kodo Millet Masala Khichdi is an absolute lifesaver on busy workdays and lazy weekends alike. Not only is it a pleasure to make, but a delight to eat as well. This is a one-pot recipe, which can be made in a pressure cooker in a matter of minutes. The tomato puree, home-made garam masala and assorted vegetables that I have added in make it wholesome and flavourful, a refreshing change from the usual. Here, I have substituted the rice that is commonly used in khichdi with varagu arisi aka kodo millet, thereby making it all the more healthier.

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog! 🙂

Idli Masala| How To Use Leftover Idlis

What do you do when you have a few idlis left over? I usually end up using them the next day to make Idli Upma or Chinese-Style Idli. Sometimes, I go ahead and make Idli Masala – a delicious confection spiced with pav bhaji masala, loaded with veggies, served with a generous dose of cheese.

Read all about how to prepare Idli Masala my way, just in on my photo blog!

Easy Hung Curd Lemon Mousse

I love anything with lemon in it, especially desserts. Aren’t lemon-y desserts just perfect for hot summer days, too? The scent of lemon instantly perks me up, makes me smile, even when I’m sweating buckets. Well, the Hung Curd Lemon Mousse that I’m going to tell you about today is exactly one such dessert – perfect for the summer months, fresh and lemony, something that will make you smile instantly. And, hey, it’s easy-peasy to make – no standing around in the kitchen for hours on end!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Sharjah Shake Recipe| How To Make Sharjah Milkshake

Sharjah Shake is a milkshake that you will find in most bakeries in Kerala. A concoction made of milk, coffee powder, sometimes chocolate, peanuts, bananas, vanilla ice cream and Boost, Horlicks or Bournvita, it tastes absolutely delicious. This might sound like a weird combination, but don’t let that deter you from trying this out – like I said, this milkshake is finger-lickingly delish!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Healthy Chocolate Coconut Bites| No-Cook Dessert

Are you looking for an easy dessert recipe, something that is not very tough to put together and is yet quite yummy? Well, your search ends here!

Here’s presenting Healthy Chocolate Coconut Bites, a very simple dessert that requires zero cooking, that takes barely minutes to make. It is healthy, to boot, made with raw cane sugar instead of refined sugar. It is absolutely dairy-free as well.

There is the goodness of almond butter in there. The beautiful, classic combination of chocolate and coconut is what makes this healthy dessert absolutely delectable.

Do try this recipe out, will you? It’s up on my photo blog!

Mint & Lemon Mojito| Virgin Mojito With A Twist

Several different versions of the mojito, using different ingredients, have been developed by bartenders across the world, some of them highly imaginative and unique. My personal favourite version is a simple non-alcoholic mojito (called ‘Virgin Mojito’), made with lemon and mint.

For today’s post, I have tried to give a few slight twists to this simple Mint & Lemon Mojito. I have used raw cane sugar instead of refined sugar syrup, and added in some powdered Hajmola. The powdered digestives add such a lovely kick to this drink! Do try out this Virgin Mojito With A Twist this summer, and let me know how you liked it!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Chaas Masala| How To Make Spiced Buttermilk

The summer is here! It is getting hotter by the day, at least here in Bangalore. I am sure it is not long before it gets so stifling hot that we will want to sip on cool, refreshing drinks all day long. Today, I present to you the recipe for Chaas Masala, a simple spice mix that can add loads of oomph to a simple glass of buttermilk, making it a perfect home-made summer thirst quencher. Do try it out, will you? It takes barely a minute to put together, after all!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Two-Sauce Spaghetti| Spaghetti With Basil-Pumpkin Seed Pesto And Tomato Sauce

We love ourselves a good bowl of pasta, every once in a while. It makes for a simple, easy-to-cook lunch or dinner, a lovely change from the usual rotisabzi or rice. This two-sauce spaghetti is one such quick dinner I whipped up recently.

I used some of my home-made basil and pumpkin seed pesto to make this spaghetti. I served it with a bit of my home-made tomato pasta/pizza sauce. The two sauces made for a wonderful combination, enhancing each other’s flavours. We loved slurping up every last bit of this two-sauce spaghetti!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!