Gujarati Kadhi Recipe

We are quite the kadhi-loving family. A well-made cup of kadhi makes our day. We love most versions of kadhi – from the non-sweetened Gujarati one and the South Indian more kozhambu to the Himachali rehru. Making kadhi is always the preferred way to use up any leftover curd in the house.

Today, I am going to share the recipe for another version of Gujarati kadhi, sweetened with jaggery or sugar. This is a very simple dish, rendered full of flavour thanks to the assorted spices that go into the tempering. This Gujarati kadhi makes for a beautiful accompaniment to phulka rotis and sabzi, with khichdi or plain steamed rice.

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Chaas Masala| How To Make Spiced Buttermilk

The summer is here! It is getting hotter by the day, at least here in Bangalore. I am sure it is not long before it gets so stifling hot that we will want to sip on cool, refreshing drinks all day long. Today, I present to you the recipe for Chaas Masala, a simple spice mix that can add loads of oomph to a simple glass of buttermilk, making it a perfect home-made summer thirst quencher. Do try it out, will you? It takes barely a minute to put together, after all!

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Podi Ari Upma| Broken Matta Rice Upma

On our recent trip to Wayanad, I picked up a bag of broken matta rice at a departmental store, so I could get home and try it out. Following an online recipe, with a few variations of my own, I used the broken matta rice to make vegetable upma in a pressure cooker, which turned out absolutely delicious! The upma was a delight, especially when eaten warm! Mildly spiced, lovely in taste, and a breeze to cook, the upma – known in Kerala as Podi Ari Upma – was a huge hit at home.

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Mula Ni Bhaaji Nu Shaak| Gujarati Radish Greens Curry

I can’t resist a good bunch of radish greens when I spot them at the vegetable vendor’s. More often than not, I end up making this Gujarati Mula Ni Bhaaji Nu Shaak with them.

This shaak is a huge favourite at home, making for just the perfect accompaniment with rotis and kadhi or daal. The sugar (or jaggery) used in this dish balances out the slightly bitter taste that radish greens possess, as does the gram flour. It is such a simple thing to make too, something that gets ready in a jiffy!

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Pineapple Thogayal| South Indian Pineapple Chutney

Did you know that pineapple can be used to make a beautiful chutney? I didn’t, until very recently.

The husband and I are big-time pineapple lovers. We love eating pineapple as is or on pizza, in ice cream or juice, in gotsu or fruit chaat, in kebabs or rasam, in just about everything! When I discovered that I could use pineapple in chutney too, I was overjoyed. Quite predictably, the pineapple chutney was a huge hit at home, too.

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Amma’s Thengai Podi| Coconut Chutney Powder

Podi‘ is Tamil for, literally, ‘powder’. There are many, many types of podi used across South India, which come to the rescue when you are too tired or busy to cook or not in the mood to whip up something from scratch.

Amma is the podi expert in our family, perfect with measurements, converting anything and everything into delectable powder form. Lately, I’ve been learning from her how to make some of the beautiful powders that she does, trying to understand her methods, her tips and tricks. The latest lesson from Amma was in making Thengai Podi, a powder made with dried coconut and lentils, the recipe for which is what I am going to present to you today.

This thengai podi is an absolute delight to eat when mixed with piping hot steamed rice and ghee. Not just that, it can be used in a whole lot of other ways too!

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Bhavnagari Marcha Nu Athanu|Instant Red Chilli Pickle

I have often waxed eloquent about just how abundant and beautiful winter produce is. Our recent visit to Ahmedabad happened to be in the middle of winter, when the vegetables and other seasonal produce was all over the markets, at their glorious best. We had our fill of them, of course, and even managed to bring some back home to Bangalore.

I picked up some gorgeous, bright red chillies while in Ahmedabad, locally called ‘Bhavnagri marcha‘. Though these chillies are largely used to make stuffed pickles, I didn’t do that. Instead, I used them in a North Indian-style pickle, Bhavnagari Marcha Nu Athanu. The family loved it to bits! The pickle disappeared within mere days of the making, and I am pretty sure I’m going to be making it many more times!

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Two-Sauce Spaghetti| Spaghetti With Basil-Pumpkin Seed Pesto And Tomato Sauce

We love ourselves a good bowl of pasta, every once in a while. It makes for a simple, easy-to-cook lunch or dinner, a lovely change from the usual rotisabzi or rice. This two-sauce spaghetti is one such quick dinner I whipped up recently.

I used some of my home-made basil and pumpkin seed pesto to make this spaghetti. I served it with a bit of my home-made tomato pasta/pizza sauce. The two sauces made for a wonderful combination, enhancing each other’s flavours. We loved slurping up every last bit of this two-sauce spaghetti!

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Winter Special Khichdi| Khichdi With Spring Onion, Peas & Assorted Winter Veggies

Winter is, slowly and gradually, beating a retreat. I am going to miss the past few months, when the produce in most vegetable shops was gorgeous, when I could spend hours tinkering around in my kitchen without fear of fainting.

The dish that I present to you today – a khichdi with winter veggies – is a tribute to the beautiful winter days in Bangalore and the equally beautiful seasonal produce. Before the winter veggies disappear completely from the market, I wanted to celebrate them one more time, and this khichdi is an effort to do just that.

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Dadpe Pohe| Beaten Rice (Poha) Salad

The husband and I absolutely love poha. We make many different versions of poha (aka beaten rice, flattened rice or rice flakes, aval in Tamil), for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes, that’s how much we love it!

I’m always on the lookout for new styles in which to cook poha, so I got all intrigued when I read about Dadpe Pohe recently. Dadpe Pohe is basically a Maharashtrian specialty, and is consumed in some parts of Goa as well. The unique thing about this dish is that it is uncooked – except for the tempering that goes into it. This makes it a poha salad, eh?

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