Ragi Roti|Gluten-Free Finger Millet Flatbread

I present to you today the recipe for ragi roti, a delicious flatbread made using finger millet. This is the Karnataka style of making ragi roti, quite a popular food in the homes and old-world restaurants of the state.

Ragi, as we all know, is loaded with health benefits, and this roti is a good way of harnessing them. This is a completely gluten-free preparation as well.

The roti requires very few ingredients and is quite simple to prepare, once you get the hang of it. I’ve shared tips and tricks in my post to help get it right.

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Jaisalmeri Kala Chana| Rajasthani Black Chickpeas Curry

Thanks to the extreme weather conditions in Rajasthan most part of the year, the state’s cuisine comprises of a number of dishes using sun-dried fritters (vadi), gram flour (besan), sour curd, dried pulses and lentils. This Jaisalmeri Kala Chana recipe is also one such – dried black chickpeas are cooked and then simmered in a sour curd gravy, thickened with besan, to make this delicious confection.

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Pala Kottai Sambar|Tamilnadu Style Jackfruit Seeds Sambar

It is jackfruit season!

Jackfruits are available aplenty these days, a fruit whose gorgeous golden kernels I love to bits. I also love cooking with the seeds of the jackfruit, and present to you today one of my most favourite dishes using them – Pala Kottai Sambar or Tamilnadu Style Jackfruit Seeds Sambar.

Pala Kottai Sambar is a heritage Tamilnadu delicacy, somewhat of a ‘lost recipe’. It is considered quite the delicacy in the Tamilian households that still continue to make it, and why not? The nutty seeds of the jackfruit lend themselves beautifully to the tangy, spicy sambar, a heavenly treat when mixed with some piping hot steamed rice and ghee. So good you don’t even need a curry or any other accompaniment to go with it!

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Bombay Chutney| Gram Flour Chutney

What do you do when you need a side dish to serve with dosas or rotis, but don’t have much in your pantry? I often end up making Bombay Chutney in that case.

For the uninitiated, Bombay Chutney is a simple but very flavourful dish made with gram flour aka besan. It is quite a common accompaniment to breakfast in Tamil Nadu, and you will find it being served in several eateries. It takes bare minutes to prepare, making it the perfect go-to dish on busy weekdays and lazy weekends alike….or on hot, hot, hot summer days when you don’t want to spend hours slogging over the stove. Did I tell you that it tastes lovely too?

Check out our family recipe for Bombay Chutney (also, Kadala Maavu Chutney), just in on my blog!

Moraiya Ni Khichdi| Samai Arisi Khichdi

Today, I present to you the recipe for Moraiya Ni Khichdi or Samai Arisi Khichdi, a Gujarati dish made using barnyard millet (moraiyo or moriyo in Gujarati, samai arisi in Tamil, sama ke chawal in Hindi).
A Gujarati friend of mine taught me how to make this delectable confection, many years ago, with potatoes and peanuts added to it for flavour, scented by ginger and green chillies, coriander and curry leaves, soured with curd. The Gujaratis refer to this dish as ‘Farali Khichdi‘, i.e. khichdi that can be eaten during fasting. I’m sure you will love this khichdi too, fast or no fast!
I absolutely adore Moraiya Ni Khichdi, and the husband loves it too. I make it often for breakfast or dinner – it is quite light on the stomach and easily digestible, perfect for the hot, hot, hot days prevailing in Bangalore right about now. What’s more, the little grain cooks super fast too. Tell me what is not to love, with this khichdi? 🙂
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Reading Now: Shari Low’s With Or Without You

With Or Without You, Shari Low’s latest offering, is what I am reading at the moment. Released in February 2019, this book by Aria, promises to be perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes and Marian Keyes, both authors I have read in the past and enjoyed. With Or Without You has a rather interesting premise, so I readily agreed when Aria approached me asking if I was up for a book tour. And.. here I am, with a bookish post after what seems like ages!

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Pori Upma| Puffed Rice Upma

Puffed rice, also called Pori or Murmura, is quite a healthy snack in itself. A cup of puffed rice contains very few calories, but has the potential to fill you up. Considering this, puffed rice is great for inclusion in a diet program, even though it doesn’t provide one with a significant amount of vitamins or other nutrients. Today, I present to you the recipe for Pori Upma, a healthy and delicious snack made using puffed rice.

Pori Upma or Puffed Rice Upma is good for a quick breakfast, or for those in-between-meals hunger pangs. There are several different ways to prepare this upma – different families make it with variations of their own. The recipe I present here is the way we typically prepare it in our family.

Here you go!

Mumbai Vada Pav Recipe| How To Make Vada Pav

Vada Pav is one of the lifelines of the Maharashtrian city of Mumbai, ranking right up there with the city’s bus transport and suburban railway systems. It is common man’s food, very pocket-friendly, easily available on the streets at any time of the day (or night). The Mumbaikars are known to grab a vada pav off a street-side stall, and eat it on the go, on the way to work or while travelling for personal errands.

Today, I present to you the recipe for Mumbai-style vada pav, a yummylicious snack much loved by all and sundry.

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Home-Made Chana Dal Namkeen

Diwali is just a couple of days away!

Are you looking for an easy yet delicious snack to serve to friends and family this Diwali? Try out this super-simple Chana Dal Namkeen!

Yes, this is a deep-fried snack, but still way better than store-bought. Here, you know exactly what has gone into your namkeen. You can control the quality of ingredients you use here, and use just as much salt and spices you need, vis-a-vis packaged namkeen versions that usually come with a high salt content. And, of course, this Chana Dal Namkeen being home-made, it is preservative-free!

This is quite a simple snack to make too, one that you can achieve in about 20 minutes or so. You can add in the spices you choose – customise the namkeen to your liking. It turns out extremely delicious, quite addictive, and pairs really well with chai and conversations!

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Cherupayar Curry| Kerala Green Gram Curry With Coconut Milk

Kerala-style Cherupayar Curry is a great way to make use of whole green moong aka green gram or moong beans. It is a finger-lickingly delicious confection that pairs well with everything from dosas and puttu to rotis and parathas. It is a hearty dish that can be put together in a matter of minutes, a highly nutritious one at that.

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