Baked Mango Cheesecake (No Gelatin, With Cottage Cheese)

This Baked Mango Cheesecake is a sinful summer treat. Made with paneer aka cottage cheese and the gorgeous ripe mangoes which are in season now, it uses no fancy ingredients like gelatin, agar agar or cream cheese. It is such a simple thing to make, yet extremely flavourful, soft and rich and light all at once.

Do try it out! The recipe is up on my blog! 🙂


Mint & Lemon Mojito| Virgin Mojito With A Twist

Several different versions of the mojito, using different ingredients, have been developed by bartenders across the world, some of them highly imaginative and unique. My personal favourite version is a simple non-alcoholic mojito (called ‘Virgin Mojito’), made with lemon and mint.

For today’s post, I have tried to give a few slight twists to this simple Mint & Lemon Mojito. I have used raw cane sugar instead of refined sugar syrup, and added in some powdered Hajmola. The powdered digestives add such a lovely kick to this drink! Do try out this Virgin Mojito With A Twist this summer, and let me know how you liked it!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Rehru| Kheru| Himachali Spiced Yogurt| Pahari Cuisine Recipe

Today, I bring to you a very simple but beautiful spiced yogurt recipe from Himachal Pradesh, akin to kadhi that is popular in most other Indian states. Locally called rehru or kheru, this dish tastes absolutely fantastic. It is a breeze to prepare as well. We had this with piping hot rice, and just loved it. I’m sure it would taste great with rotis and parathas as well.

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Finger Millet/ Ragi Vermicelli Salad| Vermicelli Salad, Thai-Style

This ragi vermicelli salad tastes beautiful – sweet and salty and spicy and tangy all at once. It is packed with nutrients, and is a healthier alternative to store-bought snacks and junk food. There are no fancy ingredients in there, just regular stuff from the pantry of an average Indian kitchen, and no fancy salad dressing either. It isn’t a very difficult or time-consuming dish, either. You have to try this out!

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Zero-Oil Vegetable Salad With Pineapple

This vegetable salad with pineapple uses absolutely zero oil. There are no fancy ingredients or salad dressing involved. In fact, this salad can be whipped up within minutes, from whatever odds and ends of veggies are lying around in your refrigerator. And, yet, it is so lovely – juicy and flavourful and delicious. Let me tell you that it is a big-time hit at home, and I make it quite often.

Check out the recipe, just in on my photo blog!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Peperoncino| Burnt Garlic Spaghetti

Spaghetti alio e oglio is a traditional pasta dish from the villages of Naples, Italy, a dish cooked with very, very few ingredients. Here, spaghetti is cooked with garlic and salt, in olive oil, each one of these ingredients more or less always available in the Italian countryside. Apparently, the villagers would cook this dish when the times were hard, when there would be nothing much to cook with but when one still wanted to eat a hearty meal.

Check out my version of spaghetti alio oglio, just in on the photo blog!

Just Read

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice On Love And Life From Dear Sugar – Cheryl Strayed

Genre: Non-fiction, self-help, real-life, life advice

Tiny Beautiful Things is a reproduction of an advice column in The Rumpus, that used to run by the name of Dear Sugar. People would write in to the newspaper with their real-life problems, and a woman called Sugar would reply to chosen ones, with sage, practical advise. The woman, it was later revealed, was Cheryl Strayed, the author who went on to write the well-known Wild.

I don’t usually read Agony Aunt columns in newspapers and magazines and, so, didn’t think I would enjoy this book much. I picked it up solely because there were so many good reviews for the book, and I am happy I did, because it turned out to be one of the best books I have read in recent times.

Tiny Beautiful Things made me laugh out loud, gasp in horror, tear up, cry, sigh, and filled my heart with gratitude, all at the same time. It opened me up from within, made me think about my life afresh, struck chords deep within me, and made me look at the world through new eyes.

This is the sort of book I would heartily recommend to every single one of you. If there is just one book you can attempt to read in the near future, I would suggest you to make this that one.

Vivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop – Abby Clements

Genre: Chick-lit, fiction, foodie fiction, women’s fiction, contemporary fiction

When their grandmother Vivien leaves them her ice cream shop by the sea, Anna and her sister Imogen have no clue about what to do with it. Anna is well-settled in her corporate job, has just moved into her new apartment and is looking forward to a happy life ahead with boyfriend Jon. Imogen is happy with her boho life as a photographer in Thailand. What could they possibly have to do with Granny V’s shop? Or could they? This and more forms the storyline of Abby Clements’ Vivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop.

I picked up the book when I saw it at a discounted price at a store, craving for a light, easy read. And a light and easy read this did prove to be. The pages turn fast and easy, at no point stressing you out. I loved how the author has developed the characters – all with their own shades of grey and black.

The storyline, however, is way too slick and smooth. A problem just has to come up, and there’s a solution that crops up to it almost immediately. Anna and Imogen supposedly have very different temperaments, but there are absolutely no fireworks between them. The sisters are supposed to be completely inexperienced in the running of a shop and short on cash, but things miraculously fall into place… so much so that the book begins to feel like a dud after a certain point. That is exactly what happened to me.

Do check out the book if you want a simple read is what I’ll say. Just don’t expect it to be layered and complex and real. It’s a pleasant enough read if you don’t expect too much, and it will surely make you crave for some exotic flavours of ice cream in the process. It did, to me.

Have you read any of these books? I would love to know your thoughts about them!

What are you reading at the moment?