Nine months!

Dearest darling Bubboo,

You recently turned nine months old. The first thing that struck me on that day was that you have spent exactly the same amount of time on the earth as you had inside me – nine months.Yes, your mother is a sucker for such sentimental facts. 🙂 Another thing your mother is is extremely lazy. This letter should have been written about 15 days ago but, as she famously likes saying for almost everything, ‘she was just not able to get around to doing it’!

Diversion over. Coming back to the point, I would like to say that you are an infant, still, but you are so much more than a helpless little baby. Your personality, your own personality, independent of everything and everyone, is coming to the fore. You are fast becoming your own little person. Three things that I have noted about you, at this stage, are:

1. You love having people around you. You do not take to strangers very easily, but you need people around you, family and strangers included. You are at your happiest best when all of us in the family sit around you, cooing and talking to you. And, you love talking back. Sometimes, you just glance at all of us sitting around you, and go back to playing on your own. It is as if our mere presence comforts you greatly. Be a people person, babe. I am hoping you will be a social, friendly kid!

2. You are extremely curious about the world around you. You love watching people and things move around you. When you are exposed to something totally new to you, you love exploring it, as long as it does not make you very uncomfortable. A walk in the apartment complex, looking at the trees and flowers around, consoles you greatly. You stop crying immediately, your attention absorbed in the new things around you – outside of your usual world. I hope you maintain this level of curiosity always. Always ask questions, seek to know, seek to understand the world outside of home. It is beautiful! It will work wonders for you, and help you in ways beyond your comprehension.

3. Somehow, I have the feeling that you are mature beyond your little age of nine months. It is not just me who has noticed this.. Like your Patti says, you have loads of ‘sukshma buddhi‘. You are a sensitive child, understanding and feeling a lot more than other kids your age usually do. Let me tell you, it is going to hurt. But then, it is a beautiful trait to have. A sensitive, compassionate nature is a blessing more than a curse. It will give you a far, far, far richer life than one led without these qualities. In spite of the hardships it brings, I will tell you to retain your sukshma buddhi as long as you can.

As you grow further, as you journey through life, I will always be there for you, as best as I can. I will hold your hand and take you through the phases you feel stumped by. I will be your friend and enjoy the little moments of happiness with you. I hope you grow to love me deeply, and be proud of your mother, in spite of her laziness and her wayward ways. 🙂

Loads of love,

Your Amma

4 thoughts on “Nine months!

  1. Congratulations on this milestone! Thank you for sharing your some of your observations about your wee one. I am intrigued by your description of ‘sukshma buddhi‘. 🙂


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