The miracle that is a baby

Tiny fists


Tiny toes

Peeking out of furry blankets

Pummeling the air –

How can something so fragile

Pull your heart’s strings so?


The brother-in-law and his wife became the proud parents of a baby girl earlier this month, giving the family the perfect New Year’s gift. Today was Her Adorableness’s naamkaran. She held the entire family in her thrall, while she was being named after her great grandmother. 🙂

And, oh, best wishes for Pongal, folks! Hope you had a great one!



The little girl with skipping rope and sand pail
Peeks out from beneath

Her salt-and-pepper hair
And loose folds of skin

There are giggles in her throat
Roses on her cheeks
And words rushing out
Clamouring to get free

She has discovered
That her soul has wings
Her heart is on fire
And the world is hers for the conquering

Little things that get lost

I wanted to tell you
About the one mango that has sprung up
On the tree in front of our house

I wanted to tell you
How the malli plant at home
Yields exactly three flowers every day

I wanted to tell you
That I looked up the recipe for your favourite salted cookies
Yesterday, on the internet

I wanted to tell you
How our neighbour was all praise, the other day
For the pink saree I wore

I wanted to tell you
Of the prank call I received
In the late evening, yesterday

But your cup of tea went from hot to stone cold
And the things meant to be said over tea time
Never got said at all

There formed a layer of neglect
On the surface of your tea
To mock me of stories untold