What Christmas 2012 was like for me…

Hey, guys! Hope Christmas was very merry, and full of all things good and happy for you! šŸ™‚

Here’s how Christmas 2012 looked like for me, in pics….

Visiting churches and admiring the creativity that has gone into the creation of cribs there. Here is a crib at the St. Patrick’s Church, Brigade Road


Getting a feel of Christmas at the home of a Christian family. Here, the family has hung up their stockings for Santa Claus to fill!


Bringing a little bit of cheer to the residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a home for the aged on Hosur Road


Admiring the festive decor in restaurants all around the city, and a lovely Christmas dinner at Urban Solace


Setting up a small Christmas tree at home, for the second consecutive year! What fun it is!


Gaping at the Christmas decorations at malls around the city, which is something I love doing every year. Yes, it is commercialisation, but it is pretty! This is the two-storey high Christmas tree at Orion Mall.


Admiring the wintery and Christmassy window displays in malls


Discovering the beautiful Russell Market, one of the oldest markets in the city, and falling in love with it. Here, figurines are on display as a part of the Christmas melee


Rediscovering the beauty of the St. Mary’s Basilica at Shivajinagar, all decked up for Christmas


Gorging on yummy, yummy, yummy plum cake from Thomson’s, one of the oldest bakeries in Bangalore

23 thoughts on “What Christmas 2012 was like for me…

  1. Loooooooooooved reading this TGND! I am almost done doing a similar picture-sy post of Christmas. I totally missed out the plum cake. sigh. I am so craving for it now. šŸ™‚

    Lovely snaps!


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