Book fair 2012 loot

🙂 🙂 🙂


41 thoughts on “Book fair 2012 loot

  1. What? You stopped at 4? How could you? Part-envy speaking! 😀

    I love City of Djinns. It shall be our guidebook for when the kids are older and can read this one. I didn’t like Delhi before this book and it completely converted me – he excavates it layer by layer!

    Bill Bryson’s still on my list of authors to read. Jodi Picoult’s dilemma’s always leave me torn. There was this one book I read on adoption that I thought would just get my gut!


    1. @Sangitha

      Hee hee… These days, I am restricting myself from buying more books than I can read. I buy way too many books anyways. 🙂

      So, what did you buy from the book fair?

      I loved Delhi the first time I visited it, though I was there for only about 4 full days. I found the city has so many different layers, and I wanted to explore them leisurely, but couldn’t do much in the limited time I had there. So, I hope this William Dalrymple book will help me uncover more facets to Delhi the next time I visit there. 🙂

      I have read a couple of books by Jodi Picoult, but did not like them much. I want to give Nineteen Minutes a try, though.

      Bill Bryson is an author I have never tried before, too.


  2. I remember doing something similar when I won an essay writing competition at my office and got vouchers worth 3000 Rs. It was one of the happiest days of my life. 🙂


  3. Same pinch! Bought City of Djinns just yesterday.. Flipkart had credited 200Rs for ‘loyalty’ to be spent on the flyte music store (that’s what the email said).. but I got the ebook instead. [does a happy dance]

    Bill Bryson – he is super-cool, just adorable. I’ve read his ‘At home’ and howled with laughter in the middle of the night and gotten told off by roomie – quite a few times. 😛

    And what other ebooks did I buy over the past two days? Gandhi’s autobio, Ambedkar’s Riddles in Hinduism, Kalam’s Turning points and Dalai Lama’s How to see yourself as you really are. Am now wondering whether to order ‘The Dialogue of Pyaasa’ to add some fun to that list. What say? 😉


    1. @The conjecture girl

      Well, same pinch then! 🙂

      Whatever is the dialogue of Pyaasa? The movie, you mean?

      Man, you read pretty ‘heavy’ stuff. I can’t see myself reading all those books you have just mentioned – at least, not now. 🙂


      1. Yep.. the movie’s dialogues. I had fallen head over heels in love with Guru Dutt and that movie the very first time I watched it.

        Well.. My agenda in reading these is kinda quirky.
        Gandhi – not a fan of the man, so need to know more about him to defend myself whenever I make that claim.
        Ambedkar – curiosity to see how the mind that thought up our constitution worked.
        Kalam – the only scientific minded ‘leader’ we ever had.
        And Dalai Lama.. I have a HUGE crush on him. 😀


      2. @The conjecture girl

        Well, I have such noble intentions, too – curiosity about some leader, the desire to know what was going on in someone’s mind, the desire to learn more about a personality in order to defend myself when I claim to like him/her or not. But, in my case, such intentions remain only intentions. It never translates to actual reading up on those persons. I feel I am not ready for that yet. First, I have to brush up on the kinds of books that I read before I get to doing all of this.


  4. Bill Bryson – i love him. Try notes from a small island and notes from a big country. I don’t care for Jodi Picoult tho. City of Djinns is awesome. Mein kampf — my struggle is really a struggle to read!! 🙂 Quite boring – hope ur hubby can finish it 🙂


    1. @Aparna

      I have got to try out Bill Bryson’s other books yet. Thought I’d start with this one – seemed like a good starting point. 🙂

      Oh, the OH loves gory stuff. The last book he read was something on Bin Laden. I’m sure he’ll love this too. 😐


      1. Mein kampf is not gory at all….its just really dull! If he likes gory stuff, ask him to read any of the Leon Uris books – like Exodus, MILA 18…very sad..


  5. Own 3 books from the above stack.Dint like nineteen minutes.It was enough to put me off Jodi Picoult.City of Djinns was very descriptive and only makes sense if you have been to Delhi.Haven’t read Bill Bryson,wll wait for your review on that one 🙂


    1. @Tanaya

      Honestly speaking, I didn’t like the couple of books by Jodi Picoult that I have read earlier all that much. But have heard a lot about Nineteen Minutes, and so, wanted to give it a try.

      This is my first Bill Bryson, too. Sounds interesting.

      I have been to Delhi, and loved the city. So, looking forward to reading City Of Djinns. Have heard loads about this one, too.


      1. Really.. why? Have you read My sister’s keeper and vanishing acts?

        I haven’t read nineteen minutes but it is on the list after I finish ‘The Pact’. I am reading it now.


  6. Ooooooooooooooooh gooodie goodie! The minute I read book and loot, I dashed here 😛

    mein kampf – been wantign to read it for so long now!
    I am just reading my first Bill Bryson 🙂

    Such happiness book loots give ! Bless books!


    1. @Kismi

      Bless books, indeed! 🙂 What would we bookworms have done without them? 🙂

      Mein Kampf is for the hubby; he LOVES reading such gory books these days – real-life gore, that too. Fictional gore is not good enough for him. 😦

      Looking forward to read the other books – they are for me! 🙂


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