The Simple Life – 2

There aren’t many pages in Rhonda Hetzel’s The Simple Life, but the more I near the end of the book, the more I find myself nodding my head in agreement with the ideas that she has to propose. This book resonates with something deep inside me.

Here is one more excerpt from the book that I just had to share.

In many different ways those of us living a simpler life are all walking the path less travelled. We see what is considered ‘normal’ now, we know that consumption is the ‘standard’ way and we have decided to reject it. Instead of buying all that is new and shiny, we are standing our ground and going back to basics. It’s comfortable there. It’s warm oats soaked overnight and cooked slowly rather than cornflakes; it’s home-baked bread instead of sliced white in plastic wrap; it’s ‘come over and I’ll teach you how to knit’ instead of ‘let’s go shopping’. Instead of buying fast food, we have it slow and easy bubbling away in the oven when the family comes home in the evening. Even the smell of that home-cooked food in the air when they walk through the door tells your family that someone loves them enough to make it all happen. It’s sitting around the table, talking about today and tomorrow. It’s really knowing your friends and family instead of just knowing what they tell you.

Your thoughts, please!

11 thoughts on “The Simple Life – 2

  1. I like the way it sounds, but i also agree with your comment above that the definition is different for all of us. It’s about knowing what is important to us, and not sweating the small stuff 🙂


    1. @Arch

      Glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

      Well, the book isn’t much really. It is more like a brochure outlining the components of a simple life for the author. She doesn’t go into much detail. It is still inspiring and resonated with me a whole lot, nonetheless.


  2. I too yearn for a simple life. Deep down that is what I dream of. I do get uncomfortable when I have too much stuff around me. But I also get carried away by the simple joys of buying something new for the kitchen or for the home or new clothes. So I am beginning to wonder where I fit in. Somewhere in the middle maybe. I love some of the things that I have and would never replace them. And I like to give away some other things and get new ones in their place.

    Even social media seems to mess with my simple life philosophy. There is so much information even if it is all good, I feel makes me lose my balance. Whatsapp is my pitfall. Do I really need to be that instantly connected with so many people. While it is so good in some ways, I feel my mind now never gets a break. I need special meditation for this 🙂

    I do still enjoy the simple rituals – home cooked meals, keeping a clean and organized home, washing and ironing. Occasionally they would seem so monotonous and mundane, but mostly completing these simple chores do give instant gratification!

    At this time, de cluttering my mind from too much connectivity and information is what I need to do simplify my life.



    1. @SS

      Well, that is just what this book is all about – the author says the definition of ‘simple life’ is different for everyone. You have to figure out the formula that works for you. I have my own way of defining ‘simple life’. I wouldn’t give up on the Internet or my Kindle or bookshelf for anything – and I don’t think that is asking for much. I wouldn’t give up my hand-made soaps or the fragrances that I use occasionally or the lip balms that I love using. Like I was telling someone earlier, ‘simple life’ doesn’t mean one has to give up everything – family included – and go live in a jungle!


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