New Terrain

No one in our house has free access to the bathroom any longer. Not at all.

Why, you ask? Well, because the bathroom is now fiercely guarded by a pint-sized soldier. Along with the refrigerator, the bathroom too is now, officially, this soldier’s territory.

Anyone who visits the bathroom without Madame Bubboo hears loud screams, wailing, and door-banging as soon as they get in. If the person inside the bathroom is so insensitive as to not get out immediately – never mind the kind of urgency that they are in! – two or three tiny fingers try to find their way inside through a teeny gap below the door. If the insensitive person still hasn’t had the heart to get out, you can spot a little figure bending down on all fours and trying to peek inside the bathroom, squint-eyed, through the gap below the door.

It looks like we’d do better to get used to…Β  errr… using the bathroom with an audience, if we soon find ourselves unable to endure this drama.




8 thoughts on “New Terrain

  1. I don’t know how you will react to this comparison, but my doggie Moony was the same! If mom or dad are in, he would bang, yell, scratch the door. He would make them open it and promptly sit down. This was fine if there was no one else at home and he would get anxious. But it got worse. At my older place, it became a ritual that dad had to take him inside, err, in the morning, and he would happily plop down in the corner of that huge bathroom. This increased to such a level that he would insist on being taken in even during baths. Regardless of water reaching him.
    In the new apt, where he lived, for almost 9 months, 😦 , he would find comfort in the bathroom until forced to go out for bathing.


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