The Babe And Her New-Found Love

Bubboo clearly has some deep connection with our refrigerator that we do not understand. It is her latest favourite plaything in the entire world.

At any given point of time, we just have to open the refrigerator door and, irrespective of what she is doing or the kind of mood that she is in, Bubboo will come running to it. She loves standing up with the support of the refrigerator shelves, and exploring the vegetables and jars and vessels and what not that are stored within.


Is it any wonder that not much cooking is happening in the kitchen when Bubboo is around, these days? 🙂

Clearly, the city’s chilly winter days are a matter of no concern to the child.


14 thoughts on “The Babe And Her New-Found Love

  1. Love that picture 🙂
    Love how carefully & in awe Bubboo is looking around the fridge, enjoying the cool breeze 😀
    You got a careful shopper & a food lover in the making there.


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