The return of Random Rangamma

~ The Mango Mela at Lal Baugh is on till June 15, in case you didn’t know already. The OH and I visited last weekend, and had a fun time. We bought some Mallika and one other type of mango whose name we have completely forgotten. The mangoes are awesome, though!

~ While we are on the topic of fruits, the first litchis of the season were also bought and devoured last weekend. They were gorgeous! I am already looking forward to laying my hands on the second batch. 🙂

~ After deliberating for long, I finally bought a sketchbook, a set of pencils and brushes, paints and some tubs of Play-Doh. I am intimidated by the wonderful sketches, paintings and Play-Doh creations that I see on the internet, by amazingly talented people, but I have decided to make a start in these things, in my own amateur way.

~ The nephews returned last week from a long summer holiday in a Wayanad home stay, and they had loads of tales to tell – from seeing a peacock at a distance of 10 feet and spotting a single paw print of a tiger to a brave housewife attacking a wild dog with a knife, aimed correctly from her doorstep! I am all craving to visit Wayanad now, in the rains, and staying in a similar home stay. Sigh!

~ I called up my MIL last Monday to tell her I would be visiting some time in the evening. She told me that PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony would be on on television in the evening. I got the hint, and visited her after the ceremony was over. 🙂 She couldn’t stop gushing over Modi. I got a somewhat ‘Do not disturb’ signal from my Appa too, when I talked to him earlier. I think I have got married into the right kind of family, where both the ‘sambandis’ are equally politics-crazy! The MIL calls Appa specially to discuss with him news about the plane that went missing some time back, and Appa calls her to tell her if a politician’s grand speech is on on television. They are each other’s best friends in this respect. 🙂

~ I found a book that I had been searching for for seven years in a bookstore here, without even looking for it. I just entered the bookstore, and there it was! All for a grand sum of Rs. 86. And to think that no relative/friend in the US of A I had asked to search for the book had been able to find it for all these years. Serendipity? Or a case of a book finding you just when it has to find you? The book in question is The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, BTW.

~ I had never been able to make decent moarkozhambu all this time, even after trying several times. I love moarkozhambu, and it is exasperating to wait till someone prepares it for me. I finally learnt how to make it the right way, and made some proper ladies’ finger moarkozhambu today! Yippee!

~ I am presently reading Paris, My Sweet: A Year In The City Of Light (And Dark Chocolate) by Amy Thomas, a book I had wanted to read since long. Sadly, though, it has been a disappointing experience so far. It feels bad when a book you had desperately wanted to read doesn’t turn out to be all that great!

~ I still haven’t baked anything, in spite of craving to do so lately. 😦 I badly want to! Something eggless and simple it shall be. I want to eat some home-made cake!

~ I am in love with this place after reading about it on Hitchy’s blog. I want, want, want to go there now!

~ We visited the elephant camp in Guruvayoor when we were in Kerala a few years ago, and thoroughly loved the experience. Now, Shail tells us about another elephant rehabilitation centre near Trivandrum, which I am loving the sound of. Next time we go to Kerala, I am going here for sure! Actually, there is always more to do/feel/see/experience in Kerala, irrespective of how many times we visit!

~ I want to get out of the ‘food-memoir-reading’ phase, and read something different. I need something light, but not overly sappy-sweet. Something that is not harsh on the brain, but engaging nonetheless. Any suggestions?

28 thoughts on “The return of Random Rangamma

  1. wayanad.. i had been there for my honeymoon.. we stayed in Vythri resorts.. till date its my favorite resort.. so from on we can see some creative art works too on ur blog??


    1. @Ashreyamom

      You are another artist whose work intimidates me. 🙂 No, I don’t think you’ll be seeing any art work on my blog. My art work is hardly art. He he

      I have heard a lot about Vythiri Resorts. Should go there some time.


  2. I love your random posts ya TGND! Rangamma, heLamma (tell ma in English :P)
    Ha ha, K is like that with my father and my father and father-in law are liek that with each other about politics and current affairs. LOL, so I kinda get that I think. Cute it is !
    ART supplies?! Am super excited to see your creations and style. Come come, show us please? 🙂
    I am really curious to read “the Dance” now. I am hearing it from you for the first time (:() and am so curious, really!


    1. @Kismitoffeebar

      He he… my art style has not yet evolved. It is extremely amateur. 🙂 Really, I don’t have the imagination to paint or make Play-Doh models, or I haven’t developed it yet.

      One of my ex-colleagues loved ‘The Dance’. She said the book helped her a lot. It was she who told me to read the book, but I was never able to find it till now.

      BTW, the author of The Dance, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, has written some fabulous poems. You should read them. I had even posted one of my favourites on my blog sometime. Let me look for the link!


  3. At times I feel this life is too little and so much to do and so many places to see… seriously… even I want to go to the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre lovely pics those…!!!

    About Raju.. remember they are always over booked… if you ever wanna go, remember to book well in advance… if you need the numbers lemme know!


    1. @Hitchy

      Oh, one life is too short to read, write, eat, travel, see and experience all that I want to! 😦 I wish someone would pay me to go on trips all around the world.

      Will surely let you know whenever we are planning a visit to Raju.

      You should go to the Guruvayoor elephant camp, too. It’s lovely! Have you been to Kerala before?


      1. Been to Kerala when I was too young to remember anything… but most probably this monsoon I should make a trip there through the Western Ghats


  4. I love Random Rangamma in you. No seriously! 🙂

    I didnt know about the Mango Mela at Lal Bagh, should visit it sometime. Aww! Finally you got your litchis, good! I remembered you everytime I saw litchis being sold on the streets 🙂

    Both the sambandis are cute! 🙂

    I have been to wayanad during college trips – I love that place. I really want to visit some elephant sanctuary, not sure when it will happen though.

    And a big yay! to you for getting your art supplies. I cant wait to see your creations – knowing you, I am sure it would be awesome! 🙂


    1. @Greenboochi

      He he, thank you! 🙂

      My art creations are nothing like art re… they are very, very childish and amateur. In fact, I am really considering whether to put them up here or not. And, you know what, you are one person who intimidates you with her talent. You and Kismi. 🙂

      Do visit the mango mela some time. It’s nice.


  5. well you can always read my blog , it does not make sense ever 🙂 he he he he and I can vouch it will never be hard on your brain because most of the time its nothing ..

    ok ok this is shameless advertising of the blog.. Sorry .. but i could not resist saying it 🙂

    and yessssss Mr. Modi’s swearing in .. very very importanttttttttttt

    NO comments on the MANGOE.. I refuse to read it even now … 😦

    Have a great day ahead .. and heyyyy weekend is here almost …


  6. We are all so in love with the mango season. Needless to say, I am experimenting with mango smoothies and home made ice cream (though it wasn’t too fluffy, it tasted divine).
    And there is no feeling quite like finally getting our hands on books we crave.
    I am also so jealous of all creative people; unfortunately I am more of a numbers and logic person, so when I see beautiful art, it really makes me melt inside.
    Good luck with your creations using playdough. 🙂


    1. @Chennairamblings

      You are very much an artistic person, madame! Just look at your poems!!

      I don’t have the kind of imagination in me that is needed to fill a blank landscape with colours and make it something extraordinarily beautiful. I have started trying, though.

      Ah, mango smoothies and home-made ice cream sounds divine. I haven’t done any of that yet. We are too busy hogging on the mangoes – they are delicacies in themselves. 🙂


  7. MANGO MELA!!! Wow..thats awesome..Did you have the junagadhi kesar or not…I picked up a kilo the other day and tasted only one small piece..the mango eater in the house is eating 2 a day 😦

    Yay on finding that book 🙂

    LOL on marrying the right family…is OH as enthused about politics??/

    Hitchy’s description of that place is so awesome!!!

    And oh oh I am just reading this really sad book which I have to review soon on IMC..I am not even naming it 😦


    1. @R’s Mom

      Hope the sad book gets over soon, and you get your hands on a better, happier book. 🙂

      Yes, we have a mango mela every year here, in Lalbaugh. It is a much-waited-for event. 😀

      I haven’t ever eaten Junagadhi kesar re. 😦 I didn’t see any of the stalls selling it, either. The stalls in the mela usually sold South Indian mango specialities.

      Thankfully, the OH is not as crazy about politics as his mom and FIL. 🙂


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