Glimpses of Mario Miranda at Madgaon

On our recent trip to Goa, the minute we stepped down at the Madgaon Railway Station, we noticed something we hadn’t noticed there on our last visit two years ago – murals with witty cartoons depicting the Goan life. These caricatures were present on the walls outside the main entrance, the station superintendent’s office, the waiting room, as well as at several other places within the station. I didn’t know much about these renderings at the time, but managed to click a couple of pictures in the hazy light there.

A caricature outside the main entrance of Madgaon Railway Station

I later learnt that these caricatures are reproductions of the work of THE Mario Miranda. Apparently, government authorities approached the famous cartoonist, before his death in 2011, requesting him for permission to use some of his drawings at a few public places in Goa, including the Madgaon Railway Station. The artist gave his approval, and that is how these reproductions came to be.

I also heard that there are similar murals at local vegetable and fish markets, other railway stations and public spots, but we didn’t get a chance to see them.

Another caricature near the main entrance of the Madgaon Railway Station

I love how these little touches seemed to bring the railway station to life. I loved this way of the government to showcase the work of a local artist and present it to a larger audience. Kudos to that!


14 thoughts on “Glimpses of Mario Miranda at Madgaon

  1. It’s so great that they did that. I love his work and picked up some items on my last visit to Goa. What a joy it must be to see his caricatures, in otherwise mundane places.


      1. At a shop in Panjim. Unfortunately I don’t remember its name. Did you know that his murals also decorate a wall of the famous Mondy’s (cafe Mondegar) in mumbai?


  2. What joy to look at them! Can imagine the gaeity they’d add to an ordinary railway station. I got to know of Miranda when reading about Schulz and Peanuts. Also love how you researched and shared what would have normally come off as “something nice” πŸ™‚


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