Glimpses from a Tibetan market in Baga

Whenever I am in Goa, one of my favourite things to do is visiting the Tibetan markets there. I love doing that, gazing at the beautiful stuff on display and admiring them, irrespective of whether I buy something or not. On our last visit to Goa, too, I didn’t make an exception.

I am not sure if there are markets run by Tibetan refugees in all parts of Goa; I have spotted a couple in Baga and Calangute. The sellers are super-duper friendly and fun to talk to. The things they sell are extraordinarily lovely, from silver jewellery and masks to beaded necklaces and shawls, though I have often found them priced quite high. Some of the pieces that are available in these markets are quite unique, things that you might not find anywhere else.

Here are some pictures from a Tibetan market we happened to visit on the Baga beach stretch.

I LOVED that goddess doorhandle and those turquoise plates!
Lots more turquoise!
Prayer flags in the market
Quaint doorhandles, again
LOVED those lions with keys in their mouths!
These two fellas looked super cool!
Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful Buddhas!
I was utterly fascinated by this box of this and that.
Lovely, antique betelnut cutters
Another Buddha that was a picture of serenity
Pretty lamp, no?
Masks on display. Not sure what these are used for.
Beautiful bead jewellery

You like?

Have you ever shopped at the Tibetan markets at Goa? What are the items that you have brought back from these markets, and still cherish?


23 thoughts on “Glimpses from a Tibetan market in Baga

  1. i LOVE Tibetian jewellery. Can’t tell you how much. I have a few pieces some of my friends got from the Himalayas. Got the prayer flags too. They such a spiritual feel to the room.


  2. Such beauties!!! I love the sleeping Buddhas and the turquoise metal ones. Never been to one of these markets but now dying to go to one such 🙂


  3. LOVED these snapshots! I love visiting markets and Tibetian markets are such a joy to visit for the same reasons you have mentioned. I have visited them twice, both when I was a student and hence didn’t buy anything. I am so torn between what I’d buy from the pictures you have displayed. The lamp, a betel nut cutter, one lion-lock, a turquoise little something and the Buddha in turquoise too 🙂 That’s like almost all.
    Did you buy any of these beauties?


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