A visit to JP Park

The pretty pink canopy of bouganvilla at the park entrance

The OH and I might never have ventured to explore the Jai Prakash Narayan Park (popularly known as JP Park) if not for the BIL, who loves gorging on the yummy chaats from the stalls that surround it. Oh, yes, the park has a horde of stores outside, selling everything from straight-off-the-stove jalebis and samosas to different kinds of chaats, corn and cotton candy. I am so glad we found this park!

The park, nestled in a quiet lane in Matthikere, is not one of the best known parks in Bangalore. It is no Lal Baugh or Cubbon Park, but it does have a charm of its own. In fact, it is so neat, well-maintained and pretty that I often wonder why it is not as popular as the other parks in the city!

The big golden statue of Mr. Narayan outside the park and the canopy of pink bouganvilla at the entrance are its identifiers for the passersby.The park is quite big, spread across 85 acres, with beautiful landscaped lawns, divided into different sections. Wide, well-built lanes and an adequate number of stylish lamps all over the garden make walking through it a good experience.

Separate areas have been constructed for exercising and yoga.

The yoga place

There are beautiful statues spread across the park, most depicting rural life in Karnataka.

Statues of farmers working their fields – so life-like. aren’t they?
The farmer’s wife supporting her husband in his daily chores
A couple of oxen. When I noticed them the first time I visited this park, I actually thought there were two oxen standing inside the park!
A happy farmer family
This is the statue that I loved the most in the park – that of a farmer gazing at the sky in the hope of rain….
A modern family of three, where the mother is probably showing the park to her child…

There is a rock garden and a musical fountain, too.

The rock garden – an area made out of bits and pieces of colourful tiles. One of the parts of the park that I loved the most.
The little bamboo forest inside the park. At least, I am assuming that this is bamboo!

There is also a natural lake, full of huge catfish, eager to eat the goodies that visitors offer them. This is where I had my first sight of catfish, and I was amazed to see the large creatures opening their mouths wiiiiiiiiiide and jostling amongst themselves for every bit of the food.

The natural lake inside the park
Hundreds and hundreds of huge, hungry catfish in the lake
The catfish gobbling up the little treats that visitors offer to them

The garden has a football court, volleyball ground, kabaddi ground and a 1,000-seater amphitheatre, though most of these are still under construction. What’s more, it has ample parking space and free entry.

We loved the park at first sight, and since our first visit a few months ago, it has become one of our favourite go-to spots in the city.

Did you enjoy touring the place with me?

40 thoughts on “A visit to JP Park

    1. @Sandhya

      Yep, this place is very much in Bangalore. One of my favourite places to just relax. šŸ™‚

      I just love to explore the city, and love highlighting places that are beautiful but not so well known on my blog.


  1. Lovely pictures TGND. Loved reading about this park… I love parks that are not very crowded and not littered. I will add it to my “to visit ” list for my next Bangalore visit šŸ™‚


      1. @Ashreyamom

        Ah, okay. šŸ™‚

        Yes, it is a good place to teach your kids about rural life. That said, it would be better to take your kids to an actual village rather than show them something second-hand. Of course, I understand it might not always be possible.


  2. Just I mentioned earlier – TGND !

    You make me fall in love with my own home town , over and over again.

    I’ve lived in Bangalore for 26 years and haven’t visited this park even once. In fact, got to know of it’s very existence through you.


  3. Such a great find! I love these gems in our cities šŸ™‚ The pics are great and I especially loved the statues of the modern family. Very lifelike. Thanks for showing us a tour….where is matthikere btw?
    Btw love your new background :))


  4. lovely pics and i loved the one of the farmer looking at the sky for rain.. inspite of all the hard work still our farmers are looking for nature to help …

    the last ones now those are a lot of cat fish …

    see now that i have come back from bangalore i get to hear about a lot of places that i could of gone , the last time i was there I saw Tipu sultan’s palace too šŸ™‚


  5. Thanks for that walk in the park, TGND. Came back feeling totally refreshed and happy that the park appears to be so well maintained. And that walk through the bamboo grove was the best šŸ™‚

    I have seen similar depictions of rural life in the Almatti Dam Gardens which is spread out over 10s of acres. Some of the statues there were a little too real for comfort too (see this: http://wp.me/pWlKD-SJ) šŸ˜›


    1. @Sudhagee

      I am glad you enjoyed the visit, Sudhagee! šŸ™‚

      Yes, the park is indeed clean and well-maintained, and that is the best part about it. At least, it is so till date.

      I have heard that the rock garden in this park is modelled on the one at Almatti. Don’t know how far it is true, though.


  6. I loved touring this place with you.. what with beautiful words and awesome pictures. I have never been to this park nor heard of it. I will go there for sure, when S is here. I completely fell in love with those statues. I also love looking at fishes, that come up to gobble the eats thrown at them, so I am going there for sure, if not for anything just for looking at catfish and the statues šŸ˜€ . All in all a very lovely post TNGD šŸ™‚


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