An ode to Karachi Bakery fruit biscuits

Allow me the pleasure of introducing to you a delicious traditional bakery biscuit with the perfect amount of sweet, just the right amount of finely chopped nuts and candied fruit, with a hint of rose, that just melt in your mouth. Or reminding you of them, if you have already had the joy of tasting them. Well, I am talking about the fruit biscuits from the famous Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad.

I usually love fruit cake, and so, I was expecting to like the fruit biscuits that the OH’s cousin brought from Hyderabad a few months ago. What I wasn’t expecting was the way I fell in love with them, head over heels, went weak in my knees, couldn’t stop at one, and fought with the OH for every last bite of them. Yes, we are kids that way. And, in this case, we are definitely not to be blamed. The biscuits are blow-your-mind-away awesome! These little squares of brown are one of the best tasting biscuits we have ever eaten! They aren’t one of Karachi Bakery’s best-selling products for nothing. You’ll know I am not exaggerating when you taste them for yourself, or have already done so.

The OH was introduced to Karachi Bakery by an enthusiastic colleague, while on a work trip to Hyderabad, a few years ago. “You MUST visit the bakery. You SHOULD taste the fruit biscuits,” he told the OH. Sadly, the OH wasn’t able to visit the bakery on that visit, or on any of his subsequent visits to the city. Recently, when his cousin got an opportunity to live in Hyderabad, Karachi Bakery was suddenly remembered, and the cousin was duly requested (read pestered) to get a box of the famed biscuits whenever she visited Bangalore. And, true to her words, she did arrive at our house, biscuit box in hand. Sweet as she is, she had taken the trouble of hunting down Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad (not that it needed much hunting down, she said, it is quite famous). That is how the OH and I had our first glimpse and taste of these goodies. We were delighted!

I made up my mind to visit the bakery whenever I would go to Hyderabad, and load up on a lot of stuff from there. I was a bit surprised when I read about the security checks at the bakery, but then, further reading told me that it is an institution in Hyderabad, and so this was to be expected.

Imagine my sheer joy when I came to know that the fruit biscuits I so love are available in Bangalore, too. I saw them some time back  in a few shops here, and was thrilled to bring home a box. They taste just the same – pure magic in every bite!

Sigh! There I go… I am craving for another one of those biscuits now! And I thought I was going to concentrate on losing weight!

59 thoughts on “An ode to Karachi Bakery fruit biscuits

  1. Looooooved this post! Unfortunately, I haven’t ever tried them. I love fruit cake to nits (literally!) and I love how these biscuits look. I can’t even dream of a courier now.
    Why o why? 😦


  2. You got to be kidding me!!
    I ate them a couple of weeks back when Hero’s colleague got them from Hyd. And just yesterday, Hero bought that SAME box you have posted and I gorged on them!
    Told you we live parellel lives! 🙂


  3. Oh TNGD… you should have posted this a few days back!! I missed my chance of getting a pack of these very biscuits inspite of S telling me how tasty they are. Stupid me 😦 Next time, I would jump on them with the first chance I get 😛


  4. They are just too good, TGND. I’ve been hogging on them ever since you guys gifted us a packet. I loved them! They are just the perfect blend of tastes, aren’t they? I should stop talking abput them, am already tempted to get them.from the shop across the street. Yes, we get them here, and I can’t stop eating them:) Am addicted, thanks to you:)


      1. aunt had visited Hyd few months ago and bought this for us…I remember Zack, SIL and niece polishing off half the set in 10 minutes 😆


  5. One thing I miss about Hyderabad..there aren’t many things I miss about that place, so this should suffice to say how much i LOVE these biscuits…they are totally YUMMMMMMMMMMMM….


      1. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 but i am not sharing you buy your own box , me my own and if OH likes it then he can share with you 🙂

        he he hehe yeah I can be greedy toooo and selfish toooooooooooo big time


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