Snapshots from Ahmedabad

Colourful, mirrored ghagra-cholis for sale at the evening market outside Law Garden, in preparation for the eagerly-awaited Navratri celebrations

Chinese bhel in the ‘foodie lane’ outside Law Garden, where you get a spectacular array of lip-smacking foods

The king of kool kulfi – Asharfi, in the ‘foodie lane’, fondly called ‘Khau Gali’. The kulfi, available in amazing varieties, is really to die for.

The beautiful architecture of the Jama Masjid, one of the oldest of the many mosques in Ahmedabad

A temple inside the Bhadra Fort, its gate full of locks and chains secured by devotees. I do not know the legend behind this, but I am assuming your wishes are supposed to get fulfilled if you secure a lock or a chain on the doors of this temple…

The beautiful, beautiful premises of the House of MG, which serves one of the yummiest Gujarati thalis in Ahmedabad, though a tad pricey.

The Sidi Saiyyad Jali – the intricate lattice-work on the windows of the Sidi Saiyyad mosque, another of the oldest and most popular mosques in Ahmedabad.

Ganesha idols for sale in thousands of different forms in the Gulbai Tekra area, famous for the same.

The chief idols of Lord Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra at the Jagannath temple, from where the annual Rath Yatra originates.

Balloon safari at Kankaria Lake. I made a supreme sacrifice and did not go on the ride without the OH, ya know? 😉

The Sarkhej Roza, another old mosque, popularly known as the ‘Acropolis of Ahmedabad’.

The stepwell in Adalaj, built by king Mohammed Begda in the 1400s. Full of splendid carvings, it is one of my most favourite places to visit in Ahmedabad.

The Hutheesing Jain temple, another example of architectural beauty and wondrous carvings in the city.

The stepwell of Dada Hari, another monument constructed in the 1400s, yet another specimen of intricate carvings and beautiful construction.

The lovely Dai Haleema mosque just outside the Dada Hari vav. I absolutely fell in love with this mosque at first sight.

Juicy jalebis hot off the stove at Astodia. No wonder Ahmedabad is called a food lover’s paradise!

33 thoughts on “Snapshots from Ahmedabad

  1. I saw this the tiem you posted and I have no idea why I haven’t commented here. Those photos are so so vivid and reflect the city in a big way. I have never been to ahd otehr than ogle at the Bandini salwars that friends used to get.
    I love such photo blogs- they carry such few words but say so much! I am so glad you got to visit so many places. i totally understand your big sacrifice. I would have done some sacrifice like that too and then bragged about it with K 😛
    I love the architecture, the lattice and ofcourse teh jalebis – drooool! 🙂


  2. whoa! what lovely pics TGND…I have been to Ahd a couple of times but that was during transit in the travel…these pics tempt me to go spend some time and explore the city…the Jali looks so beautiful…the work of art! and that Chinese bhel….yummm I want I want 🙂


  3. You took me back to the time I spent in Ahmedabad! What fun it had been to walk around in Law Garden, pig out on food, just walk around until our legs couldn’t carry us anymore 🙂 And feel completely safe as well. It is such a wonderful city, and seeing the pics, makes me want to go back there.


  4. Superb shots TGND, they brought to me sooooo many beautiful memories of Ahmedabad 😀
    My fav Pani poori stall used to be exactly opposite (across road) to that asharfi Koolfi corner (not sure if it still exists 😦 )
    The latticework at the mosque is my fav shot 😀 😀


  5. What lovely pics…. I had been to Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad last year but could not see so much…. this calls for another trip I think…. though we had fun at Kankaria lake 🙂 I also saw a vintage car museum there…. they had some great collection of vintage cars there. Have you been there?


    1. @Lifesong

      Thank you, LS! 🙂

      I went for the first time to Kankaria Lake after it got revamped. It is great fun to go there, na?

      No, I haven’t ever been to the vintage car museum, though I have heard loads of good things about it. 🙂 There is also a beautiful textiles museum and a utensils museum in Ahmedabad that I have never been to. I guess I will have to make one more trip there, too, to see all these places!


  6. Welcome back TNGD 🙂 I hope you had loads and loads of fun. How are your parents and grandma? Are you at peace now after seeing them? I hope they are coming back to Bangalore soon!

    You know I love your photography right? Should I even say, I fell in love with the place even though I have not visited it? Thanks to your lovely lovely pictures.. I am totally attracted to Ahmedabad now. I wish I could see all this in person sometime soon 🙂


    1. @Greenboochi

      Thank you so much, GB. 🙂

      You should visit Ahmedabad sometime. I bet you’ll love it.

      Yes, I had a lovely trip. Parents and granny are doing better now. Yes, I do feel better after having visited them and, yes, they will be coming to Bangalore soon! For ever! I think my latest post will answer most of your questions. 🙂


    1. @Amit

      Thank you. 🙂

      Ahmedabad, the whole of Gujarat actually, has a lot to offer. Most people remember the state only for the communal violence that happened in 2002. There is much more to the state, and to the city, beyond that.


    1. @Jas

      Thank you so much, Jas. If you love architecture, you will love Ahmedabad. The whole of Gujarat, actually.

      On the watermarks front, I kind of don’t understand the logic of using them. It is not only about the effort involved in putting watermarks. A person who is bound to copy will copy, watermarks or not, no? And my intention is to showcase the world as I see it through my blog – as long as I do that, I am not really bothered about my pics getting copied. And, having worked in the e-publishing industry, I know how easy it is to remove a watermark. 😦

      Do I even make sense?


      1. You make sense and my hubby being a professional photographer, I understand it all the more clearly. Despite being from IT and understanding how uncomplicated it is to remove it, it still does because it is a stamp of your work.


      2. @Jas

        That I agree on, whole-heartedly. 🙂

        Okies, I will try to put watermarks the next time around. 🙂 Thankies for all the care and concern (and the discussion, too). Really appreciate it.


    1. @Visha

      Thank you, Visha!

      I had a lovely vacation. It was full of fun, family, food, memories, emotions, introspection, missing the OH, and exploring my city with new eyes. I am a writhing mass of emotions right now.


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