Being Mommy

I was having a very lacklustre birthday this year. Something was missing throughout the day. Then Amma came, bearing a box of home-made, delicious gajar ka halwa. Her gift to me.

Memories of long ago flooded me, of long gone birthdays, hogging on gajar ka halwa, long talks with friends, a lightness, fun, happiness. Suddenly, my birthday began to feel complete. Amma’s little gift was what I had been missing. Or was it the remembrance of older, simpler times?

How did Amma know what I wanted? What I needed?

Will I know what my daughter needs and wants too, when it is time? I hope and pray I do.

11 thoughts on “Being Mommy

    1. @Kismitoffeebar

      How? Just how does that happen? Maa ka doodh? Carrying the baby in the womb for 9 months? It was sort of amazing to see it in reality. This incident has stuck with me, though it has been quite a few months since it happened.

      Of course, you can say you are craving the gajar ka halwa. Amma makes a mean one. I am craving for some myself. 😦


    1. @Vishalbheeroo

      Thank you! My birthday was a long, long time ago. Was just reminiscing. 🙂

      There was mother’s love in that gajar ka halwa, that is for sure. I thought such things existed only in movies – but now I have seen it in real life. 🙂

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