If there were another me…

The very interesting concept of a ‘Duplicate Me’ was first propounded by Scribby, and then expanded on by Smitha. Scribby and Smitha’s posts got me thinking on what I would do if I suddenly came face to face with a duplicate me.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. The Duplicate Me (DMe) would go to work on my behalf, while the Original Me (OMe) would be busy with… well, other things. DMe would break her head over never-ending work, deadlines and KRAs, struggle with inflexible bosses and uptight colleagues. OMe would spruce up her home, decorate it till it looked like a page out of a lifestyle magazine, go for long photo walks, take off on trips whenever she wants to, adopt all the healthy life changes that she always wanted to but could never make, cook, sleep all that she wants to, and just generally be relaxed.
  2. The OMe would travel the world, go to all those exotic places she always dreamt of going but could not make it due to work. The DMe would be working, so OMe wouldn’t need to worry about the expenses or leaves.
  3. The OMe and DMe would do a lot of shuttling between Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Whenever OMe’s heart is in Bangalore, she would be in Bangalore. Whenever she craves for Ahmedabad, she can be there. Isn’t that super cool?!
  4. The DMe can stand in queues, fill up bills, and do all that boring stuff. The OMe would do what she wants to!
  5. Both the DMe and OMe would read books. So, hopefully, the problem of ‘So many books, so little time’ would get sorted to a small extent.
  6. OMe would try out new food and restaurants all over the world, while DMe would diet and exercise and, basically, sweat it out!
  7. Sometimes, I want to go to a certain place, but I have to be at some other place. After the DMe enters my life, she could go to all the boring places, while the OMe goes where she wants to!
  8. The DMe can be at home while the OMe goes out, so that no deliveries are missed. That way, the hubby and I do not have to worry about calling a babysitter in, in future, when we go out for a date! 😛
  9. The OMe and DMe can scare people by appearing in two places at the same time. *Evil laughter*
  10. I always have a problem with surprising the hubby on our anniversary and his birthday. I am usually unable to buy anything for him without his knowledge. With the DMe’s appearance, that problem would be solved!

It is quite an interesting concept, isn’t it – having an alternate ‘me’ who can act on behalf of me?

What would you do if you got a duplicate you?

18 thoughts on “If there were another me…

  1. Having a DMe would certainly be handy. But then I think I would find it a bit scary too, to see a replica of myself around the house. So I guess I can’t really imagine what I would do with her 😀


  2. I loved the 1st and the 5th 😛 . I just wish if it could be possible.There is an advertisement which comes for financial planning with song ” Mere jaise koi meri Zindgai me aaye , to baat ban jaaye “. So true 🙂


    1. @Neha

      Thank you, Neha! I wish this could come true too, but then, on second thoughts, it would become too spooky! 😐

      I think you are referring to the Kotak commercial – that’s where Scribby got the idea of this tag from. 🙂


  3. You are so mean to the Duplicate You! 👿 Very bad! Poor DYou! 😦

    I would completely freak out seeing DMe… I’m happy with my original self. Buhahaha (my ishtyle of evil laugh :P) 😀


  4. Love it! My DMe would do basically all of that, too. And she would make me tea and do the dishes while my hubby and I relax on the couch after dinner. 🙂


  5. hehe..saw this post on Smitha’s blog and got me pondering too..haven’t got around to post about it, though.
    I would also pretty much delegate the sweat to the Dme while I chillax..:-)
    nice reading up on your dream list..:-)


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