Meetha Paan Ice Cream| Home-Made Sweet Betel Leaf-Flavoured Ice Cream

I love having a thanda meetha paan after a heavy meal, the burst of flavour it creates in my mouth, and the way its cool and sweet juices flow into my throat. I love the paan-flavoured ice cream that select parlours serve. I have dreamt of making meetha paan ice cream at home for so very long, but it is something I got around to only recently. It turned out so beautiful, I wonder why I didn’t make it much sooner!

Do check out my recipe for meetha paan ice cream, here!

Nimbu Squash Recipe| Making Preservative-Free Lemon Squash At Home

I love nimbu aka lemons. Period. I love that citrusy tang in my ice cream, fruit juice, mocktail or cake. Come summer, and I fall in love with lemons a wee bit more. That’s because I don’t think there’s anything that quenches thirst, on a hot summer’s day, better than lemon juice. Today, I’m here to tell you about a nimbu squash recipe, a favourite of mine, that is a total thirst quencher and is super delicious as well.

Check out the recipe, here!

Home-Made Coffee Crunch Ice Cream 

I am on a home-made ice cream-making spree right now. I am thoroughly enjoying coming up with one flavour of ice cream after the other, and the family has been loving it, too. My latest experiment in this regard was a home-made Coffee Crunch ice cream, a big hit with everyone. 

This home-made Coffee Crunch ice cream tasted absolutely gorgeous, sinfully rich and creamy. Chocolate chips broke the monotony of the coffee, adding a beautiful crunch to the ice cream. 

If you love coffee and/or chocolate, you must try out this home-made Coffee Crunch ice cream, too. Check out my recipe, here

Mango And Hung Curd Parfait| Easy Dessert Or Breakfast Recipe

Mango season is here – Yay! 

From the first of the season’s mangoes, I made an absolutely scrumptious hung curd parfait. This parfait uses honey as a sweetener, and is relatively healthier than other cream-based desserts. It is super simple to put together, too. You can have this as a quick snack or dessert. Make it ahead, and you could have it for breakfast as well. What more do you need from a dish, eh? 

Check out my recipe for this awesome mango and hung curd parfait here

Herbed Cottage Cheese| Paneer With Chilli Flakes And Coriander

Once I had learnt how to make decent paneer aka cottage cheese at home, I, of course, wanted to experiment with it. I wanted to play around with ingredients and flavours, to create different variations of paneer. One such variation I tried out recently, which turned out to be a huge hit at home, was herbed cottage cheese or paneer with chilli flakes and coriander.

Here‘s my recipe for the herbed paneer. Do check it out, folks!

Ugadi Special| Ellu Bella Ice Cream| Tilgul Ice Cream| Lonavali Ice Cream| Creamy Home-Made, No-Eggs, No-Churn Sesame-Jaggery Ice Cream, Without Ice Cream Maker

Yesterday, on the auspicious day of Ugadi, I managed to recreate my favourite Lonavali ice cream from Ahmedabad. This ice cream is a tribute to the hill station of Lonavala, with bits of sesame chikki in it. It has a faint hint of rose to it, and makes for a gorgeous summer-time treat. 

Check out my recipe, here

Travel Shot: Panneer Drakshe Aka Indian Gulabi Grapes 

Have you heard of Panneer Drakshe or the Indian Gulabi variety of grapes? My upbringing in Gujarat ensured that I had never heard of or tasted these grapes – a Tamilnadu specialty – till my mother introduced me to them, on a trip to the south. 

Our recent trips to Madurai and Kumbakonam rekindled in me my love for these grapes. 

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