Subway-Style Veggie Delight Sandwich

The Veggie Delight sandwich at Subway is a hot favourite with the husband and me. Once in a while, we enjoy heading to a Subway outlet and chomping our way through the huge sandwich, loaded with veggies and a variety of sauces. Probably not healthy, but we do love indulging in it occasionally.

I recently tried my hands at making this sandwich at home, and it turned out absolutely delish. I was able to nail the Subway taste exactly.

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Basic Coconut Chutney| Easy Coconut Chutney Recipe

Learn how to make a very simple coconut chutney, which makes for a great accompaniment with South Indian breakfast dishes like upma, idli, vada, dosa, pongal and kuzhi paniyaram. This is the most basic version of the chutney, and you can undertake little tweaks here and there to change the taste every time you make it. This is how we make it in our family!

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Lunch At Misu: An Extremely Satisfying Affair

Considering our love for Pan-Asian food, the husband and I had been eagerly waiting for a chance to visit Misu on St. Marks Road. The place had been on my must-check-out list ever since it opened up, recently. Rave reviews of the food here by several food bloggers ignited the fire further. We decided to descend upon Misu one weekend, for lunch, and were not one bit disappointed. We absolutely loved the food we had here!

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Introducing: Oddy Uniwraps Food Wrapping Paper, A Super Handy Kitchen Equipment

I’m always looking for healthier, more eco-friendly alternatives to the things we use around our home on a daily basis. So, when I was asked if I would like to try out a sample of Oddy Uniwraps, an organic food wrapping paper, I agreed immediately. And… I’m so loving it!

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Making Modaks With Chef Kunal Kapur, At The Masterclass By Whirlpool Built-In Appliances

Last weekend, a day after Ganesh Chaturthi, I was at the Something’s Cooking Culinary Studio, making modaks. These were no ordinary modaks, let me tell you, but very unique savoury ones, stuffed with a salty onion-garlic-green chilly-coconut filling. These modaks were later plated in a sea of coconut milk moilee sauce, and served with a dab of kokum foam on top. I, along with a bunch of other food bloggers, was attending a Masterclass with celebrated Chef Kunal Kapur, organised by Whirlpool Built-In Appliances. These modaks were specially innovated by him, for the class.
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