Rain lover

As I look out of my cubicle window, I see the sky darkening outside, slowly and gradually. The sky that was clear and blue just a few moments ago starts to darken little by little, like someone spilt a bottle of black ink on a huge blotting paper. The smell of wet earth from somewhere far reaches me, and I know it’s soon going to pour cats and dogs. I hear the cries of the birds, as they rush towards the safety of their homes. Suddenly, there’s a flash of lightning, which seems to open up a stitch somewhere in the belly of the sky, and it starts to pour. This ritual happens each and every time it rains, and  Bangalore being Bangalore, it happens every once in a while. I start thinking how Bangalore, with its frequent rains and the wonderful weather that prevails after each shower, keeps the romantic in me alive. By this time, unmistakably, there is a smile on my face. Watching the rain approach sets something loose in me, and there is a song in my heart. As my mother says, maybe I was a peacock in my last birth. Today happens to be one such day.

Worries about how I am going to reach home from work only set in after entire songs have been sung by the heart, proving that I’m not all peacock in this birth. I’m a mixture of nerves and excitement now, wondering how I am going to get home, but happy nonetheless. 🙂