Day 22: When the rain is born….

The overcast sky in Bangalore one stormy, rainy evening. I love watching the dark clouds taking over the clear sky, and pouring for all they are worth. 🙂


For the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. The theme for today is ‘grey’.

Title courtesy: The title is a spin on the name of Anita Nair’s book ‘Where The Rain Is Born‘.


Day 18: Landlines… going…. going… gone?

So, the last telegram in India was sent out on July 15, signalling the end of an era. The telegram service might have been available in India for 150-plus years but, as a mode of communication, it had already died much before July 15. While we were busy using faster means to communicate, like mobile phones and e-mails, the telegram was taking its last breaths.

I remember my parents receiving and sending telegrams on various occasions, happy and sad, but I have never personally received or sent one. That said, the official closing down of the system did make me sad. My children will never even see a telegram, I suppose, except maybe on the internet.

Inland letters, postcards and landlines are other modes of communication on the verge of getting extinct, I feel. I don’t know of anyone who really writes letters these days, like people used to earlier. The few who do write them only now and then, just for the sake of nostalgia. I know of many families who do not use a landline at all, relying entirely on the more convenient mobile phones for communication.

When I saw today’s prompt for the July Photo-a-Day Challenge, ‘numbers’, I immediately knew I wanted to take a picture of the landline at our house, for the sake of posterity. Who knows when it might leave us?

Day 17: For the zen touch in my life

This statue of Buddha, with peace writ large on his face, deep in introspection or meditation, inspires me to stay calm in the midst of all the chaos that threatens to take over my life. It called out to me the moment I saw it at a potter’s shed, and I had to pick it up.


For the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. The theme for today is ‘inspirational’.

Day 16: Hair herbal

‘Hair herbal’ says the label on this bottle of herbs and roots that I purchased from a spice shop in Kochi, Kerala. I am supposed to fill it up with coconut oil, and let the herbs soak for a few days, allowing them to work their magic. I don’t know if it will make my hair TV advertisement-type thick, black, shiny and strong, but I would have bought the bottle anyways for its sheer cuteness and the wonderful smell the concoction has.


For the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. Today’s theme is ‘bottle’.

Day 15: Outside my window

The view from our room window at the resort we stayed in in Kumarakom, Kerala. I fell in love with this most gorgeous of windows and the window seat at first sight. The resort is lovely, too.

Conjecture Girl, isn’t this just your type of window, too? 🙂


For the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. Today’s theme is ‘outside my window’.

Day 14: Rainbow cake

There is a child inside each one of us, who comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with.

So they say, and I think it is very true.

I decided to indulge the little child inside me by ordering rainbow cake for the OH’s last birthday. It was a surprise for the OH, and the look on his face while cutting it was one worth seeing. 🙂


For the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. The theme for today is ‘edible’.