Travel Shot: At The Vana Durgai Temple, Kathirmangalam

Have you visited the Vana Durgai temple at Kathiramangalam, a short drive away from Kumbakonam? The temple was one of the pit-stops we made on our recent trip to Kumbakonam.

Today’s travel shot is from the grounds of this very temple. Check out the picture, just in on my photo blog!


Travel Shot: Kumbakonam Vettalai (Betel Leaves)

Degree coffee is certainly not the only thing that Kumbakonam is famous for, we realised while researching for our recent trip to this temple town.

Apparently, the town also happens to be one of the leading producers of betel leaves and areca nuts. In fact, the betel leaves produced in Kumbakonam are believed to be among the best in the world, as far as quality is concerned.

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Garbharakshambigai Temple, Tanjore: Abode Of The Mother Who Protects The Womb

On our recent trip to Kumbakonam, we also visited the Garbharakshambigai Temple, about 20 km away. 

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Kalyana Sundareswarar Kovil,  Thirumancheri: The Temple Of Marriages

A short drive away from Kumbakonam lies the little village of Thirumanancheri, a place rich with legends. The village houses the famed Kalyana Sundareswarar temple aka ‘the temple of marriages’. 

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Kumbakonam, In The Midst Of Masimagam

Whenever we travel, of late, we seem to be walking into places in the thick of huge  celebrations, surrounded by throngs of people wherever we go. For instance, in our recent trip to Kumbakonam, we walked right into the midst of the Masimagam celebrations!

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Travel Shot: The Man And His Friend, The Beast

I hope you have been reading and enjoying my stories from our recent trips to Madurai and Kumbakonam!

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Travel Shot: Panneer Drakshe Aka Indian Gulabi Grapes 

Have you heard of Panneer Drakshe or the Indian Gulabi variety of grapes? My upbringing in Gujarat ensured that I had never heard of or tasted these grapes – a Tamilnadu specialty – till my mother introduced me to them, on a trip to the south. 

Our recent trips to Madurai and Kumbakonam rekindled in me my love for these grapes. 

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Acquainted, Finally: Degree Coffee In Kumbakonam

The last, long weekend saw us in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, to honour certain long-standing religious commitments. And, while in Kumbakonam, how could we not stop and smell the coffee… er, the degree coffee.. and drink our fill of it, too? That is how this dream of mine got crossed off my bucket list, finally.

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