Man Proposes…

… and God disposes, they say. And then, God goes on to propose another plan, I say.

A while ago, I was so irritated at the OH having to leave on a sudden work trip to Calcutta, alone. It was a trip that happened at the very last minute, and the bub and I couldn’t join him then. I had every reason to be miffed. We hadn’t gone on a proper trip in ages – the OH, Bubboo and I. The OH and I haven’t been getting alone time at all, which is not going down very well with me. And, well, this was Calcutta he was going to – my dream destination, the place I have always wanted to explore. And his trip was smack dab in the middle of Navratri, the best time to be in Calcutta, when all the Durga Pujo pandals would be set up and in action.

I ranted and raved, but nothing changed the situation. To add insult to injury, the OH was so strapped with work while he was in Calcutta that he didn’t have time to pick up the kind of souvenirs that I would liked from there. All he could manage to get was a box of sweets from an airport kiosk, and they only served to whet my appetite for Calcutta all the more.

Then, God decided to intervene. We started planning for a vacation during Diwali, when the husband was off work for four days. We decided to head to Calcutta, taking a couple more days of leave. It seemed to be a good decision, what with Calcutta being a major city and not too remote a destination, where we would have feared to take the bub. Also, the city had a whole lot of things that I wanted to buy, plus there was the lovely foodie scene there for me to explore. Then, the OH’s workplace asked him if he could be in Calcutta one more day and work at a client’s place there. He said yes. So, we ended up in Calcutta over Diwali, on a work-cum-pleasure trip. We happened to land there smack dab in the midst of Kali Pooja, with all of the city lit up and cheering.

We hadn’t known Kali Pooja was such a big thing in Calcutta before, and were thrilled at the chance to be there for the occasion. The gaiety, the chaos, the lights, the colours, the feast to the senses that is Calcutta during Kali Pooja more than made up for my angst at not having been able to witness Durga Pujo there. Had we planned to visit Calcutta during Durga Pujo, we would have been able to vacation for only two days, but this time around, we had the opportunity to stay put for almost a week! The way I see it – I had to let go of something, in order to receive something better.

So, yes, we just got back home from one of my dream trips. It wasn’t exactly a relaxing trip, but it was definitely good. I have my heart and head full of memories, stories, sights and sounds from the streets of Calcutta. I’ll be back soon to share them with you, for sure.

Till the next time,


PS: Hope you guys had a great Diwali!