Kollu Masala Usili| Spiced Horsegram Stir-Fry

Horsegram – ‘kulthi‘ in Hindi, ‘kollu‘ in Tamil – is a powerhouse of health benefits. This legume gets its name from the fact that it was widely fed to horses and other livestock in the olden times, but is nothing short of a superfood. Today, I present to you a recipe using horsegram – Kollu Masala Usili.

Kollu Masala Usili is a delicious, mildly spiced dish that uses minimal oil and is extremely healthy. It is quite easy to make too, coming together in bare minutes. A big-time favourite at our place, this usili pairs beautifully with rotis as well as rice dishes. Let me share with you how I go about making this dish.

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Bombay Chutney| Gram Flour Chutney

What do you do when you need a side dish to serve with dosas or rotis, but don’t have much in your pantry? I often end up making Bombay Chutney in that case.

For the uninitiated, Bombay Chutney is a simple but very flavourful dish made with gram flour aka besan. It is quite a common accompaniment to breakfast in Tamil Nadu, and you will find it being served in several eateries. It takes bare minutes to prepare, making it the perfect go-to dish on busy weekdays and lazy weekends alike….or on hot, hot, hot summer days when you don’t want to spend hours slogging over the stove. Did I tell you that it tastes lovely too?

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Phool Makhana Namkeen| Roasted Foxnuts Recipe

The seeds of the lotus plant – also called gorgon nuts, foxnuts, phool makhana or makhana – are packed with health benefits. Best of all, they are low in calories, fats and sodium, but high in carbohydrates, proteins and calcium. This makes them a great snacking option for those in-between-meals hunger pangs. No wonder they are being touted as one of the ‘superfoods’ of the world!

Today, I present to you the recipe for Phool Makhana Namkeen or Roasted Foxnuts, one of my little daughter’s favourite snacks. This is a super simple thing to make, but very satisfying and healthy.

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Pressure Cooker Baingan Bharta| Indian Spiced Eggplant Mash

For many, I am sure the name ‘Baingan Bharta‘ conjures up images of slow-cooked, delicious, hearty meals, often prepared by a loving mother or a doting grandmother. Baingan Bharta or eggplant mash made the Indian way is comfort food for a whole lot of locals. It is, for me too, but the smell I associate with Baingan Bharta is different from the usual.
Let me explain. Baingan Bharta is typically cooked by char-grilling a large eggplant on the stove. A smoky flavour permeates the dish, thanks to the char-grilling. This ‘smokiness’ is what most people look forward to, in a dish of Baingan Bharta. My version, which I learnt from my mom, does away with the char-grilling – here, the eggplant is cooked in a pressure cooker, then mashed and again cooked on the stovetop. There is no smoky flavour in our Pressure Cooker Baingan Bharta, but let me assure you that it is equally delicious.
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Drumstick Leaves Roti| Murunga Keerai Roti

The fact that moringa greens or drumstick leaves are full of health benefits is very well known. I try to use these greens in my cooking at least once every two weeks. Apart from adding them in dal tadka and sambar, uttappams and adais, one of my family’s most favourite ways to consume these greens is in the form of rotis!

Drumstick Leaves Roti or Murunga Keerai Roti are very simple to make, yet so very delicious. I add in a whole lot of ingredients in them, so they don’t really need to have an accompaniment with them. They are an ideal candidate for busy weekday lunches or dinners.

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Pressure Cooker Chana Masala| Indian Chickpea Curry

Do you like Chana Masala?

Chana Masala is my go-to dish when I want to eat something different from the usual South Indian fare we make at home. Considering that it is a hot favourite with everyone in the family, it does find pride of place on our dining table quite often. More often than not, I make a big batch of chana masala, serving it with rotis or parathas, while I use the leftovers the next day to make chaat.

Like my mom, I make Chana Masala in a pressure cooker, which ensures that the dish is ready in a jiffy, with the least of hassle. This Pressure Cooker Chana Masala is super delish, the chickpeas absorbing the flavours from the gravy much better than those cooked in a pan. Using a pressure cooker also ensures that the chickpeas are done just right, without any over- or under-cooking.

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Beetroot Poriyal| South Indian Beetroot Stir-Fry

Beetroot Poriyal is an absolute favourite in our household. We love having it with piping hot sambar or rasam and rice – often a weekend special lunch at home! 🙂

Beetroot and coconut is a match made in heaven, I think, and this South Indian-style stir-fry incorporates that very combination. The addition of curry leaves, mustard and green chillies elevates the taste of the dish to a whole new level. It is amazing how this Beetroot Poriyal uses a few ingredients, and how it can be put together so very easily, but is so delicious!

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