Inji Oorugai| Oil Free Instant Ginger Pickle

The markets in Bangalore are flooded with baby ginger these days. You know, those very tender knobs of ginger that are almost white, with a pinkish tinge to them? That’s the sort of ginger that’s just perfect for the purpose of pickling, I say.

Today, I share with you the recipe for Inji Oorugai, a simple instant pickle I make using this baby ginger. This is a no-fuss pickle that needs the bare minimum of ingredients, time and effort to make. It’s a no-oil version too. And yet, it’s an absolute delight to eat, converting a bowl of curd rice into a blissful treat. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this a guilt-free pickle, one that all of us at home adore. It’s a good digestive too, this pickle.

Check out the recipe, just in on my other blog!

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