Kollu Masala Usili| Spiced Horsegram Stir-Fry

Horsegram – ‘kulthi‘ in Hindi, ‘kollu‘ in Tamil – is a powerhouse of health benefits. This legume gets its name from the fact that it was widely fed to horses and other livestock in the olden times, but is nothing short of a superfood. Today, I present to you a recipe using horsegram – Kollu Masala Usili.

Kollu Masala Usili is a delicious, mildly spiced dish that uses minimal oil and is extremely healthy. It is quite easy to make too, coming together in bare minutes. A big-time favourite at our place, this usili pairs beautifully with rotis as well as rice dishes. Let me share with you how I go about making this dish.

Check out the recipe, just in on the other blog!


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