Moraiya Ni Khichdi| Samai Arisi Khichdi

Today, I present to you the recipe for Moraiya Ni Khichdi or Samai Arisi Khichdi, a Gujarati dish made using barnyard millet (moraiyo or moriyo in Gujarati, samai arisi in Tamil, sama ke chawal in Hindi).
A Gujarati friend of mine taught me how to make this delectable confection, many years ago, with potatoes and peanuts added to it for flavour, scented by ginger and green chillies, coriander and curry leaves, soured with curd. The Gujaratis refer to this dish as ‘Farali Khichdi‘, i.e. khichdi that can be eaten during fasting. I’m sure you will love this khichdi too, fast or no fast!
I absolutely adore Moraiya Ni Khichdi, and the husband loves it too. I make it often for breakfast or dinner – it is quite light on the stomach and easily digestible, perfect for the hot, hot, hot days prevailing in Bangalore right about now. What’s more, the little grain cooks super fast too. Tell me what is not to love, with this khichdi? 🙂
Check out the recipe for Moraiya Ni Khichdi, just in on my blog!

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