10 Essential Elements Of A Welcome E-Mail

‘The first impression is the last one,’ they say.

The importance of making a good first impression cannot be underestimated. A welcome e-mail is your chance to create a great first impression about your business on someone who could be a prospective client of yours.

First things first, what is a welcome e-mail? It is nothing but the very first e-mail that you send out to a subscriber, introducing your business, telling them how you can add value to their lives. A welcome e-mail is a wonderful chance to strike while the iron is still hot, to convince a new subscriber to take some action, which would ultimately benefit your business.

Studies have indicated that welcome e-mails get high rates of engagement, as compared to any other types of mail. Make sure that the welcome e-mail you send out to your prospectives is perfect and engaging, and that it hooks them right from the start.

This infographic by Campaign Monitor – a leading provider of e-mail marketing services based in the USA – tells you about the 10 important elements that a welcome e-mail must absolutely possess. Make sure these elements are in place, and help your business make a strong first impression!



I present to you this infographic, in collaboration with Campaign Monitor, in the hope that these tips will be of value to you.


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