(Hara Chana) Choliya Kadhi| Fresh Green Chana Kadhi

Every year, I wait patiently for winter to arrive. Not because I am particularly fond of the season or anything, but because the cold months bring with them an abundance of gorgeous, fresh produce. One of the winter delights I eagerly look forward to are fresh green chickpeas, aka choliya or hara chana. They seem to scream ‘WINTER’ to me!
Hara Chana Kadhi or Choliya Kadhi is one of the things I most enjoy making with the shelled fresh green chickpeas. I do make a whole lot of other dishes with them, too, but this is one of my most favourite. I make the kadhi the Punjabi style, serving it with piping hot phulkas or parathas and a vegetable side dish. It tastes absolutely delicious, the green chickpeas adding a lovely texture to the kadhi. Ah, the bliss!
Check out my recipe, just in on the photo blog!

6 thoughts on “(Hara Chana) Choliya Kadhi| Fresh Green Chana Kadhi

    1. @Prashasti Patel

      Thank you so much!

      Take the fresh green chana in a vessel. Do not add any water. Take a little water in a pressure cooker pressure bottom, place a stand over it, and place the vessel with the chana over it. Close cooker and pressure cook. There’s no need to add water to the chana as such – the steam building up inside the cooker is enough to cook the chana. That’s what I meant.


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