Amma’s Thengai Podi| Coconut Chutney Powder

Podi‘ is Tamil for, literally, ‘powder’. There are many, many types of podi used across South India, which come to the rescue when you are too tired or busy to cook or not in the mood to whip up something from scratch.

Amma is the podi expert in our family, perfect with measurements, converting anything and everything into delectable powder form. Lately, I’ve been learning from her how to make some of the beautiful powders that she does, trying to understand her methods, her tips and tricks. The latest lesson from Amma was in making Thengai Podi, a powder made with dried coconut and lentils, the recipe for which is what I am going to present to you today.

This thengai podi is an absolute delight to eat when mixed with piping hot steamed rice and ghee. Not just that, it can be used in a whole lot of other ways too!

Check out the recipe for Amma‘s thengai podi, just in on my photo blog!

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