10 Experiences We Thoroughly Enjoyed In Shillong

We fell in love with Shillong at first glance. As we explored the place, a little on foot and a little by cab, this love only deepened.

Shillong is a popular tourist destination, and it was teeming with people when we visited. We were lucky, though, to manage some off-the-beaten-track experiences here, along with checking out the local tourist spots.

Would you like to know which experiences in Shillong we loved the most? Here you go!


4 thoughts on “10 Experiences We Thoroughly Enjoyed In Shillong

  1. Hello, your lovely post evoked fond memories of our stay in Shillong couple of years back. Since we were there for a longish span we were able to explore other sights such as the Peak and Lady Hydari park. Indeed a charming place.
    Cheers, amrita.


    1. @Amrita Ravimohan

      Hey there! Thank you! I’m glad the post brought back some fond memories for you. 🙂

      We did visit some other places in Shillong too – like the Rabindranath Tagore museum and Lady Hydari Park – but this post doesn’t cover all of the spots we covered. This post is only about the experiences we really, truly cherished.

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