2 thoughts on “Travel Shot: Madurai Malli| The Jasmine Flowers Of Madurai 

  1. Dropped in after a while and I am doing a lot of catching up. Good to see you posting so regularly. 🙂
    Have you permanently moved to your other blog btw? It’s much easier to follow one blog and I notice your last 10 posts (or more) are all written on that blog. You hardly write here. Should I just follow you there instead of the extra clicking I have to do to go back and forth?


    1. @Pepper

      Good to see you here! 🙂

      No, I’ve not fully moved to my other blog yet. There will be text updates on my original blog and photo posts on the other blog for a while, till I get things sorted out at the backend. I’m sorry for all the back-and-forth, and thank you so much for the loyal friendship.


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