Life And Times With The Bub

The little one gave all of us a big, big, big scare over the weekend. The stud we had put in one of her ears somehow got stuck in her piercing, so much so that the entire front portion of the earring disappeared! We tried to remove the earring, but we had to stop because she started bleeding from the piercing. She was, thankfully, fine otherwise – in no apparent pain, playing and talking normally.

The first ENT doctor we took her to just wasn’t ready to listen to us. We repeatedly told him that this wasn’t a new piercing, but he went on blaming the ENT who did the piercing (which was 2 years ago, BTW). Much to our horror, this guy suggested getting the bub admitted in hospital and operating her under general anesthesia. Common sense prevailed, and we decided to seek another opinion.

The husband and I rushed the bub to another hospital, another ENT. She said she could remove the earring, that she would have apply some ointment to numb the earlobe, that we would have to hold the little one’s head tightly. The proceedure would be done right there, in her chamber, in front of us, she said. She told us to be prepared for an incision too – she might have to make one, in the worst case. Almost tearfully, we gave her the go-ahead. Thankfully, the earring came out soon, with lesser fuss than we had expected, without the doctor having to make a cut. I couldn’t thank the doctor – and God – enough. We brought her home in an hour or so, and she is perfectly okay now.

Apparently, the screws we had put in the bub’s earrings had gotten infected, and oneΒ  earring had sunk in. The other earring, too, would have gone in the same way, in a couple of days, had we not noticed. Phew! So much stress in the span of just a few hours! But then, there’s nothing like a visit to the emergency section in a children’s hospital to make you count your blessings in life. This incident has made me grateful and stronger, if not anything else.

All’s well that ends well, though. We have been asked to apply antiseptic gel on both her earlobes for about a week, and to rest the wounds for at least a couple of days before we try to put other earrings back on.


12 thoughts on “Life And Times With The Bub

  1. great to hear that your daughter is well again. my daughter too got the same problem when she was 2 years with a stud with curled wire behind (no screw). my husband was so frightened that he didn’t let her pierce ears again till she was 8 years old. painful memories of parenting 😦


  2. Hi TGND,
    Glad that the little one is fine now.
    We had problems of infection too with my daughter when she wore studs. We switched to ear rings and since then she is fine. maybe you could try ear rings too for some time.


    1. @Lifesong

      Thank you.

      We had gold rings for the bub till recently, and never had any issues with them. She lost one of those rings on the day of Saraswati Pooja, and I had to put these studs on then. And this is what happened. 😦


  3. Hi there:-) Would love to know your name ! πŸ™‚ I have been addicted to your blog for quite some time now and devour in the food related posts like a parched soul. Love the way you write and had been thinking of writing to you here, but with a toddler around wasn’t finding time. Now that I read about Bub, I just had to convey my love and good wishes to her. This was indeed scary and glad that she’s OK. God keep her safe and in the best of health always. Best wishes to all of you. Will be glued to read the upcoming posts πŸ™‚


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