Nostalgia Overdrive!

I’m on a nostalgia overdrive since yesterday.

You ask why?

Well, I discovered this Facebook page called Jolly Food Fellow (brilliant name for a foodie website, BTW!) yesterday. This fellow is really jolly good, and a big-time foodie, who is bent on posting about all the gorgeous food that is available across the length and breadth of Ahmedabad.

How do I not get nostalgic on seeing a video about my very own Swastik Ragda Pattice or Old Pizza? How do I not miss the countless number of days I have gulped down these goodies, to much satisfaction? How do I not start craving for them all over again?

I was not much of a food blogger back when I used to stay in Ahmedabad, a fact that I deeply regret now. There was so much to gorge on, so much to write about, so much of interesting stuff, so much variety, and yet not back-breakingly expensive. Had I been then the food blogger that I am today, these favourite Ahmedabad eateries of mine would definitely have found pride of place on my blog.

I wasn’t much of an explorer then and, I realise now, that there are a whole lot of eateries and eat streets in Ahmedabad that I never bothered to check out, in spite of them being around for ages! Sad, right?

What’s more, the city has changed so much since I left it, in 2008. The food scene, lovely as it was then, has become all the more lovely. There are a whole lot more interesting eateries that, I am sure, I would have thoroughly loved, were I there.

The food, just the food, is enough of a draw for me to plan a visit to Ahmedabad right now. Sigh!



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