If We Were Having Coffee…

… I’d tell you of how we still haven’t decided on a school for Bubboo. This fact has been scaring the living daylights out of me, but the OH is super cool about it. We are almost 80% sure we are going with the Montessori method of learning, though, and all of the schools we have visited in this regard have told us there’s no hurry. For them, the ideal age to start schooling is 2.5 years and above, and they aren’t bothered even if we bring the kid in at 3.5 years of age. But then, I am concerned about securing an admission in the school we choose for her, whenever we do so!

… I’d tell you of how fast I think Bubboo is growing up, how she is now a little girl with a mind of her own, tastes and preferences of her own. The baby features are going, going, gone!

… I’d tell you of how I have been enjoying attending some foodie events, lately. There have been restaurant launches, menu samplings, awareness programmes, and what not. I have been learning a whole lot about the way the world of food blogging works. There is a lot for me to work on in this regard, and I am constantly amazed at the possibilities.

… I’d tell you of how I shamelessly sent my latest book hit-list to the in-house Santa, the OH, and of how, after some hounding, he ordered Come Into My Kitchen and Tiffin: Memories And Recipes Of Indian Vegetarian Food for me. A friend was kind enough to share her copy of Butterflies In November with me. I’m still hunting for the other books on the list, but I’m all set as far as my next three reads are concerned. 🙂

… I’d tell you of how, by the day, I am growing more and more enchanted with cookbooks with stories – books with recipes and anecdotes from the author’s personal life. There’s such warmth, such beauty, such passion for food in these books! I am in no doubt I am going to check out more such books in the near future.

… I’d tell you of how I got charmed by all the winter veggies on offer at our regular vegetable vendor’s, when I visited yesterday. There’s tonnes of things I could make out of them, so many winter specials, some known to me, some unknown. God bless me with strength, good luck, patience, and a well-behaved toddler, so that I could get around to doing at least some of the things on that huge list!

… I’d tell you of how we are invited to a lot of birthday parties for 5-year-olds these days. Like, there have been four or five such parties in a row. I’m clueless about what to gift them. Suggestions, please? I’d love to give them creative things, but I’m not sure whether such small kids would really take to them. I’d like to gift books, but I don’t know what kind to pick up for them!

… I’d tell you of how, this time around, I am just not able to feel the Christmas fervour in the air, though we are just four days away from the festival. Normally, I’m hopping with excitement this time of the year. Any suggestions to bring back the cheer?

… I’d tell you of how it has been ages since I wrote any fiction – poems or stories. I used to write good ones, now that I think of it. They just don’t come to me these days. 😦 Will I ever get my mojo back, in that regard?

… I’d tell you of how there are a lot of interesting things happening in Bangalore this time of the year. The annual cake show, for instance, and the Night Market Festival at The Fatty Bao. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to attend any of these, but I know I’d love to.

… I’d tell you of how I’ve been daydreaming about strawberry picking in Mahabaleshwar and visiting the Rann of Kutchh ever since I heard that the official ‘season’ for visiting has started. I know I’m craving to visit these places, but I don’t see any way we’ll actually get to visit. Everyone around me is raring to go to Goa this time of year, but these are the two places I am lusting after this year.

.. I’d tell you of how I think it is high time I take Bubboo to Ahmedabad, the place where I grew up, the place that I share a special bond with. I do want that trip to happen soon, but then, there are way too many chores waiting to be done before I can take this up.

… I’d also ask how you and your loved ones have been!


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