This is definitely not the softest or the best paneer you will ever find.

So, what is so special about it, you ask?

Well, this is the first-ever paneer I have made in all of my life, with my own hands, at home, with simple ingredients from my kitchen. So, it definitely is special.

No one in my family has ever made paneer. I am glad I decided to break the status quo.

This is definitely not the last time I’m going to be making it.

I did goof up while making the paneer, and did not get the quantity of end result that I should have, but that doesn’t matter at all. It is still waaaayyyy better than store-bought cottage cheese.

The thing is I *did* it, and happily so. There is joy in seeing the whey separate from the milk, of seeing a beautiful lump of paneer take shape out of the liquid. For that joy, I am so doing this all over again.

I might take several more tries to get it perfect, but I’ve started, and I am glad about it. From herbed paneer to masala paneer, the possibilities are endless.


11 thoughts on “Paneer!

  1. I make paneer almost every week! 2 cups milk gives me enough for myself for one dish. There is no other way I can finish the half gallon pack of milk otherwise, what with another half gallon of almond milk lying around. Lol.


      1. Sure! I use for recipe. Just boil the milk till it rises before falling out. Wait for a min or two and squeeze out lemon juice till you see whey separation. Keep stirring the whole time though! You can try yoghurt for very creamy paneer and even Apple cider vinegar. Then pour it out in cheesecloth, put it in a strainer on a pan and run some fresh water over the knotted paneer to kind of wash over the lemony taste and squeeze. I also keep a water jug on it to put weight to solidify it. Hope this helps! But yes, results do sometimes vary.


      2. @Princessbutter

        I guess I figured out what went wrong. I kept the stove on throughout, and added the vinegar immediately after the milk was about to boil over.

        Next time will be better, hopefully! Thanks for all the help!


  2. I can imagine your joy. I tried the same for Diwali and infact made Ras Gullas also. Looking at the texture, decide making paneer was easy and so good home made than the store bought ones.


    1. @Bhavani

      Wow! When making paneer at home from scratch brings me this much joy, just how much happiness would making rosogullas out of that paneer bring! 🙂

      And, yes, perfect or not, home-made always triumphs over store-bought!


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