N Is For… Nutella Delight, 4 Ways| Easy Dessert Idea

Every time I visit Ajfan Dates & Nuts, that paradise for foodies and bakers, I am awed by the sheer variety of goodies that they have on offer, as well as their uniqueness. More often than not, whenever I go to Ajfan, I end up buying stuff that my expanding waistline begs me not to buy. If you have visited the place yourself, you will know why I get so tempted, why I buy unique ingredients and then think up recipes to use them in. If you have never been to the place, I heartily urge you to do so. (Ajfan has a few outlets in Bangalore, including HSR Layout, Frazer Town and Jayanagar).

The last time I went to the wonderland that is Ajfan, recently, I ended up picking up some dried small oranges in sugar syrup that tasted just fantabulous – with a hint of bitter from the rind, the natural sour of the oranges, and the sweet from the sugar syrup. The OH and I began snacking on them, rather unhealthily, a couple at a time. So, I decided that I had better do something with them before we exhausted all of them.

Dried small oranges from Ajfan – gorgeousness!

Inspired by the recipes for ‘dessert pizzas’ and ‘warm desserts’ that I read about recently, I decided to use these oranges to make some warm Nutella pizzas. That way, I would also be using up the bottle of Nutella that I bought some time ago. Two mangoes at the throw of a single stone, you see?

The Nutella pizzas came out fabulous, I must say. All of us loved them to bits – we gorged on them like anything, and I am sure I’ll be making more of them in the times to come.

I made four different variations of the Nutella pizza: Orange & Nut, Cranberry & Nut, Banana, and Orange. We liked all of them, honestly, but my personal favourite was the Cranberry & Nut. The OH loved the Banana one the most.

Orange & nut (left) and cranberry & nut (right) Nutella pizzas
Banana (left) and Orange (right) Nutella pizza

Here’s how I made the pizzas.

Ingredients (makes 4 slices):

  1. 4 slices of bread (I used whole wheat bread)
  2. 4 heaped tablespoons of Nutella
  3. 1/2 medium-sized ripe banana (not overly ripe, peel and cut into slices)
  4. A few dried cranberries (picked them up from Ajfan, too)
  5. A few dried small oranges (from Ajfan, chopped up into small pieces)
  6. 1 cube of processed cheese (I used Amul – grated)
  7. A few roasted and salted almonds (I used Rostaa – chopped)


  1. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.
  2. When the oven is ready, toast the bread slices at about 160 degrees for 10 minutes.
  3. Spread one tablespoon of Nutella on one side of each slice of bread. Lay them out on a plate, Nutella side up.
  4. Spread out the grated cheese on three of the bread slices, above the Nutella.
  5. Spread out the banana slices on the bread slice without the cheese. (This is the Banana version)
  6. Bake all the slices at about 160 degrees, for about 10 minutes, or till the cheese melts. (One slice with banana and the rest with cheese)
  7. Get the bread slices out of the oven, and assemble the pizzas instantly.
  8. For the Banana version, garnish with some slivers of roasted, salted almonds. Serve immediately. I served this as is, without the almonds.
  9. For the Orange & Nut version, layer some chopped dried oranges and roasted, salted almonds over a bread slice with Nutella and melted cheese. Serve immediately.
  10. For the Cranberry & Nut version, layer some dried cranberries and roasted, salted almonds over a bread slice with Nutella and melted cheese. Serve immediately.
  11. For the Orange version, spread some chopped dried oranges over a bread slice with Nutella and melted cheese. Serve immediately.

You like? I hope you will try these out, too!



  1. This is an entry for the Alphabet Cooking Challenge, for the letter N.
  2. I happen to love Ajfan and the goodies they have on offer. I write about the place here, simply because I would love for you to visit it, too. I don’t stand to receive any kind of gain by recommending Ajfan to you. The views expressed herein about the place are entirely my own.
  3. If you have pizza dough handy, you can use it to make these pizzas. I didn’t, so I used bread instead.
  4. The Nutella and the cheese are integral components of this pizza, I would say. Apart from that, you can use any sort of toppings that you like. Just get those creative juices flowing!

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