Fruit Chaat, My Way

Wondering what to do with those fruits that you bought in a burst of ‘healthy’ enthusiasm, but never got around to eating? Is the idea of eating them plain not sounding appetising any more? Well, you might want to try out this fruit chaat in that case.

This is my go-to recipe whenever I want to use up some fruits. My family gobbles up this chaat as if it isn’t made of the very same fruits that they refused to eat a while ago! 🙂 The chaat masala and other additions used in this dish perk it up to no end, and you can’t stop at just one mouthful, I am sure.


I have been making this for so long now, I don’t know how or when or where I learnt to make it. All I know is that this is a favourite evening snack for me as well as for everyone else at home.

I commonly use fruits like mango, pineapple, apple, banana, oranges, chikoo, grapes and pears to make this chaat, but you can add any fruits that are in season. Muskmelon, watermelon, mosambi, papaya, just about anything goes – I usually stick to my favourite fruits, though (the ones I mentioned above).

Here’s how I make the chaat, the most basic version of it.

Ingredients (serves 2):

  1. 2 baby apples (those really small, cute ones!) – cored and chopped into cubes that aren’t too big, no need to remove skin
  2. Black salt, to taste
  3. Pepper powder, to taste
  4. 1 medium-sized banana – peeled and chopped into not-too-large cubes
  5. About 1/2 teaspoon roasted cumin (jeera) powder
  6. 5-6 cherries (pitted and dipped in sugar syrup, store-bought) – chopped up into large-ish pieces
  7. 1 medium-sized orange – peeled, seeds and strings removed, separated into small fragments
  8. A dash of lemon juice
  9. 1/2 teaspoon of chaat masala, or to taste


  1. Take everything in a large mixing bowl and toss, to ensure that all ingredients are well mixed together.
  2. Serve immediately.


  1. You can add any other fruits that you like and have on hand, to make this fruit chaat. In that case, though, increase the quantities of black salt, pepper powder, cumin powder and chaat masala that you use, proportionately. I would suggest adding fruits that are tangy, soft, hard, pulpy, tart, sweet – basically, a mix – so that the chaat has a well-rounded flavour.
  2. If you do not have black salt on hand, you can use normal table salt, instead. That said, I think black salt adds a whole lot of flavour to this dish, and I wouldn’t advise you to skip it.
  3. You can omit the cherries if you don’t have them, but they do make a wonderful addition. If you don’t have cherries, you can drizzle a bit of honey instead. If you are watching your weight too, you might want to skip the sugar syrup-dipped cherries.
  4. You can even add some chopped cashewnuts, almonds and raisins to the dish, if you please.
  5. When oranges are in season, you could even add freshly squeezed orange juice to the chaat, in place of lemon juice. Alternatively, you can add a mix of fresh lemon juice and orange juice – take your pick!

You like? I hope you will try this out, too!


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