On Bubboo’s Turning Two, And More

I still can’t believe that Bubboo is two – that it has been TWO YEARS since this little bundle of joy was placed into our waiting arms – but it is true. We celebrated her second birthday last month, like I was saying here. In fact, it has already been a month since her second birthday. Does time fly or what?!

This year, we celebrated Bubboo’s birthday on three different days, just as we did the last time around.

The weekend prior to Bubboo’s birthday, the in laws came over, and I surprised them with a full-blown sadya kind of meal – tomato rasam, rice, fried appalams, palak keerai kootu, radish sambar, cabbage curry, kotthukadalai sundal, and curd rice. Amma made rava kesari, to complete the meal. Much time was spent generally chatting and eating and drinking tea and bonding. Bubboo enjoyed prancing around in between everyone, basking in the attention. I surprised myself with all that cooking for about 10 people, and was mostly tired but satisfied. 🙂

The day of her actual birthday, the OH worked from home and we just had a fun time playing around at home. We dressed up and went to a nearby temple in the evening, and that was that. I made her wear a pink-and-white lacy, frilly dress, satisfying the urge in me to dress up my baby in a very girlie-girl way.

The weekend after the birthday, we invited some very close family over and treated them to lunch ordered from a nearby, favourite restaurant. Bubboo wore jeans dungarees with a red tee, much to the surprise of the guests. 🙂 We are like that only!

We cut cake that evening, one with her favourite farm animals, in the company of few relatives and her close friends from our apartment. Bubboo was comfortable, considering that there wasn’t much of a crowd around her, just people she knows anyways. For the cake cutting, we steered clear of pink and frilly dresses, and made her wear a smart pastel green and blue print dress with a belt. I had gotten her a hand-made hairband and clips to go with it and, thankfully, she co-operated by wearing the pretty hairband!

Bubboo’s second birthday cake

I thought of this cake, considering the bub’s increasing interest in looking at pictures of animals in books and in watching those around our house. We ordered the cake from the same home baker who did the cake for Bubboo’s first birthday and for the OH’s birthday earlier this year, and she did a wonderful job with it. She made cute, cute, cute replicas of all the animals that I told her Bubboo recognised. We chose the chocolate and orange combination once again, and it was a great hit.

For return gifts, there were these pretty pink decorated cupcakes, again by the same home baker. Vanilla-flavoured this time.

Decorated cupcakes, the return gifts

After Bubboo, the way I see birthday cakes has changed drastically. I am not content any more with birthday cakes bought from a store at the last minute, having to choose from the selection available. The way I see cakes these days – like Angel from Baking Cakes In Kigali – they are a canvas on which you can paint any picture, depending upon your mood. They can convey what you want them to convey. Special occasions are special, and I would like the cakes commemorating them to be special, too.

I am happy to report that Bubboo received mixed gifts for her birthday – it wasn’t all just pink and white. She got things like books, a gun and remote-controlled car (Yes, much to her father’s glee!), kitchen sets, magentic alphabets and numbers, her first Barbie doll, plastic fruits that she can cut (pretty amazing!), and a cloth teddy bear. While the car and the gun have been secreted away by the OH for future play (not with Bubboo! 😉 ), Bubboo is enjoying playing with the rest of the things.

I hope Bubboo remembers these homely birthday parties, and learns to love them for the preciousness that they are.  I hope she learns that it is okay to be a stereotypical girl if she is happy with it, but then, it is also okay to break stereotypes when she wants to. I hope she learns to celebrate special days the way circumstances allow them to be celebrated, but celebrates them for sure. I hope she cherishes these friendships she has formed in the early, early days of her life. I hope she has a whole lot of lovely birthday memories to carry her in life, and to pass on to her kids, one day.


6 thoughts on “On Bubboo’s Turning Two, And More

  1. Hey! First of all, belated birthday wishes to your lil muppet! 😀 The cake looks really nice. Would you mind sharing the contact details of the home-baker that did this? I’m trying to find something like this for my niece… and i dont like going to those large establishments who make standard, impersonalized cakes…


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