If We Were Having Coffee…

… I’d tell you of how I am eagerly waiting for Bubboo’s second birthday, just a few days away. We have arranged for a little celebration at home, with just very close family and friends present. There is going to be a little lunch and then cutting of birthday cake in the evening, followed by some light snacks. I have ordered for a special cake, and am sure Bubboo is going to love it. Now, my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping fervently that nothing, absolutely nothing, will play spoilsport and that our little, homely celebration will be a lovely success. Keep us in your prayers, will you?

… I’d tell you of how I have been craving to get my hands on the pulao masala from Honest, Ahmedabad, ever since I heard of it? I was always a big, big fan of Honest’s pulao (it’s different!), among other things. Now, they are retailing their special pulao masala at their outlets, I hear. Not available online, and no one to send it across to me. I guess now is the time to make that trip to Ahmedabad, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚ While there, I could do some saree and dress shopping, too, as well as pick up a lovely ghagra choli for Bubboo. I could gorge on some delicious street food, as well. But then, ever since my parents sold off our house in Ahmedabad to shift to Bangalore, I don’t feel like going back there any more. We could stay in a hotel, yes, but I don’t think I am prepared to do that.

… I’d tell you of how much my dressing sense, my taste in clothes and jewellery is changing at the moment. I would say it is only now that I am discovering the real me, as far as dressing sense is concerned. After discovering Bohemian necklaces, I am discovering a new-found love for beautifully patterned and designed saree blouses. I picked up a gorgeous Krishna-patterned Kalamkari blouse piece recently, something the old me definitely wouldn’t have bought. I can’t wait to wear it now. I have just delivered a couple of blouses to my tailor to get stitched, after long discussions with her on the kind of patterns that I want (you must understand that this is the first time I am indulging in such an exercise – I didn’t get elaborate blouses stitched even for my wedding. I kid you not!). I have always worn saree blouses that have high, high necks (prudish, almost), and now, I have asked for them to have a neckline that is lower. A revolutionary move for me, I would say. And then, I am in love these days with quirky silver nosepins (the kind that can be worn without a nose piercing) and silver jewellery with multi-coloured glass. Oh, and I am also discovering a love for ghungroo jewellery. ๐Ÿ™‚

… I’d tell you that I am reading Marlena de Blasi’s Amandine. I am simply loving some parts – with the author’s lyrical, thought-provoking, powerful, vivid writing. I am not much liking some other parts of the book – thanks to the storyline getting overly dramatic in these parts, mostly. That said, this is definitely looking like a book that I would recommend to you guys.

… I’d tell you of how I got into the festive spirit at the fag end of Navratri, after not feeling like it was festival time at all. Just before Dassehra, some Durga Pujo pandal hopping happened, as did some festive dressing up and visiting relatives. That was enough to set my spirits right.

… I’d tell you of how we met this little girl, the daughter of the OH’s deceased cousin, a week back. She is currently with her paternal grandparents, is 5 years of age, and had come to visit her mother’s maternal home for the Dassehra holidays. It was a heart-breaking experience, for sure. I can’t even put in words what I felt as I watched her watching me holding Bubboo tight. I can’t tell you just how sad I feel that she won’t ever know her mother’s hug, her smell, her special comforting touch. I really, really wish her well in life – life as she has known it hasn’t been very good for her, and I hope she learns that that isn’t all there is to it.

โ€ฆ Iโ€™d also ask after you and your loved ones. Iโ€™d ask you what you have been up to lately, and what has been making you happy and sad these days.


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2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…

  1. I’ve been following your blog since before this little one arrived and its so hard to believe she’s going to turn 2! Happy birthday kutti! Good wishes and blessings! I’ll wait to see pictures of the birthday celebrations!

    Your post reminded me of a relative. He died young at sea (he was a ship engineer and died when the engine room exploded during repairs). His wife was 6 months pregnant at the time and used to spend a lot of time at our house after their daughter was born. It is heart-breaking. The kid is almost a teenager now and I heard that she’s doing well.

    Do a picture post with the new sarees and blouses! I miss wearing my Indian clothes, but I’m glad I’ve figured out a way to use my Indian jewellery with western outfits ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. @Perspectivesandprejudices

      Thank you for the good wishes. I hope the birthday celebrations go well.

      It is really tough to see a family dealing with the loss of a loved one, at the prime of life. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Especially when there are kids in the picture.

      I will think about doing a picture post for the new sarees, blouses and junk jewellery. ๐Ÿ™‚


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