Of Bubboo And Her Appa

The OH loves his food piping hot, so hot that sweat should drip from his face while eating, the hot months of summer included. I, on the other hand, am the sort of person who wouldn’t even bother to heat up the food I cooked a while earlier, if I am going to be eating alone.

To his credit, though, the OH doesn’t create a big fuss about food that isn’t piping hot. If I have finished cooking just a little while ago, he will proceed to eat it as is. If the food has gotten cold, he will go on and heat it up himself. He doesn’t expect me to do it for him.


The OH hates, absolutely hates, fresh coriander. He often doesn’t eat a dish just because the ‘smell of coriander’ was too overpowering. I, on the other hand, absolutely adore coriander. I just can’t imagine making certain foods – like rasam – without the coriander, stalks and all included. (Imagine my shock when the husband told me, just about a couple of weeks into our marriage – You know what? I HATE coriander! I just gave a ‘Gah!’ kind of expression, then, but I was really shocked, scared at all the differences between us that we would discover later.)

Since then, I have learnt to tone down the level of coriander that I put into my cooking. We have, sort of, found a middle path.


Today, Bubboo wants food that is straight off the stove. She will eat a few bites of roti or dosa, and then want to move on to another, freshly prepared roti or dosa that is hotter, because the one that’s on her plate has ‘cooled down’. I’m not kidding. We have seen this happen more than once.

Today, Bubboo refuses to eat foods that have coriander in it. She makes a ‘Yuck!’ kind of face if she encounters a bit of coriander in whatever she is eating. She says ‘Kothamalli! (Coriander!),’ and proceeds to spit the said morsel of food out.


Genes are clearly in play here. But then, I wasn’t expecting them to show up this early. I am unprepared.

How did I end up with two kids of the same type? How on earth am I going to handle this duo ganging up against me, in more ways than one?



6 thoughts on “Of Bubboo And Her Appa

  1. They say liking Coriander or not is because of a gene. Some gene makes it taste like soap and makes it smell awful for half the people, whereas for rest, makes them love it. I belong to the love type.


    1. @Princessbutter

      Ah, okay. That explains it perfectly. 🙂 So, it is very much clear that Bubboo has inherited at least some of her dad’s genes. Everyone keeps saying that she looks entirely like me, has a lot of my mannerisms. Now, the OH has something to be happy about. 🙂


  2. I am so like the OH then in the “hot” preference aspect – I need piping hot food, I want to sweat as well, and I love hot even if it is spicy. I microwave for an abnormally long period; I heat sambhar that is lukewarm (even if the rice is piping hot) and I love rather warm gulab jamming and carrot halwa. I mean, the list is endless. I used to hate coriander so much that amma had to keep a portion of dish aside for me and then add coriander to the rest. If it is cooked and I cannot smell it, that used to be okay. But now I have begun to like coriander (in moderation) and use it in my cooking and cannot do without it 😛
    I loved reading about Bubboo not wanting to eat the colder dosa ahahahaha – so much like how I used to be !


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