Product Experience: myDaily Meal Replacement Shake

The Four Fountains Spa recently sent across a sample of their latest innovation – myDailyMeal meal replacement shake – for review. The product sounded very interesting to me, considering I have never tried a shake in replacement of a meal before, and that is precisely why I said yes to review it.

About the product:

As per the myDaily Meal website, “myDaily is our effort to break food into its fundamental basics and provides the most convenient and healthy nutrition in today’s fast paced life. It is the best meal option rather than skipping meals or eating junk due to lack of time.”

The press release provided by The Four Fountains PR states “myDaily Meal is a Perfectly Engineered Meal Replacement Shake that provides exact nutrients – including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber – as required by your body in 1 meal.”

The shake, in powder form, neatly packaged in a plastic pouch

Further, the website says, “myDaily is prepared using ingredients of natural origin. All the ingredients contained in the formula are essential nutrients needed by the body on daily basis. These ingredients are deemed safe by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and are not known to cause any side effects. It has no added preservatives, no artificial colours and is transfat free. The product has been formulated by Dr. Ezhil Arasan who is a well known research scientist and a consultant to various nutrition and nutraceutical companies.”

The back of the packet

In other words, myDaily is a shake that can replace one meal of yours in terms of nutrition. This is something you can have in lieu of a meal on the go, or if you are too caught up in chores to sit down and eat.

My thoughts on the product:

  1. I liked the packaging of the product. It comes in easy-to-carry pouches that you can take anywhere. I like that this product can be useful to people who might not have access to nutritious food for a certain amount of time.
  2. The shake is very, very easy to use. All you need to do is empty the contents of one pack (115 gm) into a shaker containing 350 ml of water, shake well to ensure that the powder dissolves entirely and mixes well with the water, and you get a ready-to-consume shake.
The contents of one 115 gm pouch

3. I was expecting the shake to have a medicinal smell and taste, but it was pleasantly free of any such thing. I was provided a chocolate-flavoured sample for review, and the shake tasted (and smelt like) any other chocolate-flavoured shake, albeit a tad watery.

4. The shake isn’t slimy or extremely thick, as you would expect a health drink to be, but quite palatable.

The shake, after I poured it out into a mason jar

5. I found the shake to be a wee bit too sweet for my taste – an artificial sweetener kind of sweetness that you feel in your throat. If that can change, plus the addition of some milk solids, the shake would be scrumptious, I feel.

6. I had the shake in lieu of breakfast one day, and it kept me full for about three hours.

7. The shake is available, presently, in three flavours – chocolate, vanilla and neutral. So, if you plan to consume this every day, you can alternate between flavours and do not have to get bored of the same old drink all the time.


  1. I received the sample free of cost in exchange for a honest review. The views expressed herein, about the product, are entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. I do not stand to receive any commercial gain by promoting or not promoting this particular product.
  2. I am not enough of an expert to take you through the ingredients on the packet and tell you how good or bad they are. Also, I am not one to advocate the skipping of a meal in lieu of a packaged product (I would go for a plate of idlis or a home-made fresh fruit milkshake instead), except for situations of dire emergency or need. I agreed to this review just because I was curious about the product, and am stating my honest thoughts about it here. The decision of whether to try it out or not, I leave to your discretion.
  3. The myDaily website states, and I agree: “If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from an illness it is best to consult your healthcare provider before consuming myDaily.”
  4. I am not knowledgeable enough to comment on the effect of this product on weight loss. It would be best to take the advice of a nutritionist or doctor of repute, in this regard.

Price and Availability:

Each packet of myDaily Meal Replacement Shake costs INR 175.

The product is available on Amazon, too. (Check out this, this and this).

Have you tried this or a similar meal replacement shake out? How was your experience with it?



9 thoughts on “Product Experience: myDaily Meal Replacement Shake

  1. I meant to say I am not convinced about this drink replacing a normal meal despite having all the nutrients. But I don’t have any experience with the drink. So you might be correct.


    1. @Elizabeth

      I had this drink in lieu of breakfast, as I have said in the post, and didn’t feel hungry for about 3 hours post. I am not sure of the amount of time for which a normal milkshake can sustain you. I need to try that out.

      I am not sure about the nutrients part, either. Personally, I wouldn’t swap a packaged product with a meal except for dire circumstances – that is what one of my disclaimers says. I wanted to try out this product, so I went for it, just this once.


  2. This one is a honest review. I think this is the first time I am reading a product review by you and I love how you wrote this, the disclaimers and all 🙂
    Also, I would take a plate of idlis anyday. Like now.


      1. But I am not sure I will normal spend that much amount on a drink more than once. A normal milk shake would only cost me around 30 bucks..


      2. @Elizabeth

        Yes, true, but this is supposed to have all the nutrients that you can get from a real, proper meal (the firm claims that). This is supposed to replace a meal – a normal milkshake wouldn’t do that, no?


      3. The nutrients part might be correct, but did you feel hungry in few hours after having this? Personally I am not


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