Decked Up With Golu Dolls: Jayanagar Market

Hola, people!

Do check out my latest photo post on The World Through My Eyes. I hope you’ll enjoy the little visual treat!

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11 thoughts on “Decked Up With Golu Dolls: Jayanagar Market

  1. Heyyyy.. I’ll be visiting mylapore in november.. its my first time … is their any chances of getting golu bommai after the navratri season ?? i want to buy a few !! You understand what “a few” means for a girl right ?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


    1. @Reema

      If you’re in Bangalore, I would suggest you pick up a few golu bommais from Jayanagar market. They’re simply awesome!

      As for Mylapore, I’m sure you will still find the dolls after Navratri ends, but you might have to hunt for them in stalls and shops around Mylapore temple. Just before Navratri, you’ll find them everywhere, and can bargain a whole lot too. This is just my understanding, of course!

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      1. I meant there are many people who sell golu dolls in the road sides,road platforms..they are available only during Navaratri..good bargaining skills are needed!!!!


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