Little Discoveries In The Parenting Journey 4: Of Wooden Toys And Buying Them Directly From The Craftsmen Of Channapatna

You guys know how much I love wooden toys. I would choose wooden toys for Bubboo any day, over plastic or battery-operated ones. There’s something very rustic, very charming about wooden toys that I fail to find in the mass market plastic and soft toys. Moreover, most of these wooden toys are hand-made, so you end up supporting a craftsperson when you buy one. Wooden toys are also, often, require far more creative application of the mind on the part of a kid than other store-bought ones, definitely something I wouldn’t compromise on. These toys bring me as much happiness – shopping for them and playing with them – as they do to Bubboo. They are a huge hit in our house, and I am sure most kids (and parents) would be charmed by them. So, if you have a toddler in your house and haven’t discovered wooden toys yet, I would urge you to begin, right now. There are a whole lot of wooden goodies out there, waiting to be found. Also, if you can, I would suggest you buy them directly from the craftsmen at Channapatna.

Here are some of our favourites, picked up from here and there, over the years.


A wooden train and rattle from Channapatna that I picked up at Dastkar, when I was pregnant with Bubboo. These were the very first toys that I picked up for the little one, so they are hugely special to me. The bub loves them to bits, too.

A colourful train from Channapatna
A wooden rattle, again from Channapatna


This wooden rattle with sleigh bells that I was looking for here, there and everywhere, after spotting a similar one at the pediatrician’s office. I finally found one when Bubboo was just about to turn one. Both mother and bub love it to bits.

Wooden rattle with sleigh bells, bought at a Bangalore fair


The husband and I have passed through Channapatna several times over, on several road trips, and have always, always been attracted by the wooden toys on display on the toy stores along the highway. Through all of these road trips, I harboured a secret desire – one to buy a rocking horse for my kid from Channapatna, once he/she was born healthy and safe. So, on our recent trip to Mysore, we ensured that we made a pit stop at Channapatna just to buy wooden toys, and a rocking horse was among them.

Now, Bubboo loves, loves, loves her rocking horse, and her Amma goes nuts clicking pictures of her on the horse! A dream come true, this one is for me.

And you know what? The rocking horse cost us just a fraction of what it retails for in kids’ toy stores and online stores like Amazon!

009 (5).JPG
Wooden rocking horse from Channapatna


I love looking at photographs of Russia, and dream of visiting the place some day. I love Russian Matryoshka dolls. Till we get to visit Russia in real life, though, we visit Malleshwaram market and pick up beautiful wooden Matryoshka dolls off pavement vendors.

The little one loves opening up one doll after another, and discovering yet another doll within. I don’t let her play with the smallest doll of all, though, as it could pose a choking hazard. Cute, right?

Matryoshka dolls from a roadsise stall in Malleshwaram market


The bub loves me reading Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her. So, I thought it would be a great idea to get her this pull-along wooden caterpillar from Channapatna, recently. And, yes, she loves pulling it along wherever she goes!

A wooden caterpillar from Channapatna


A wooden xylophone that I picked up at Jayanagar market, a while ago. Both the bub and I love striking notes on it!

Wooden xylophone from Jayanagar market


A set of joker dolls that I bought from a roadside vendor in Malleshwaram market. They occupy pride of place in our showcase these days, and the bub loves getting them out to play every now and then!

A set of joker dolls from Malleshwaram market


A joker puppet that I bought in Channapatna. I plan to begin telling stories to Bubboo using this puppet, very soon. Till then, Bubboo loves looking at me pulling the string and making the puppet move!

And, oh, it felt so, so, so great to make Bubboo meet the very ‘Aunty’ who hand-made her toy! Worth it to drive to Channapatna just to give your child such an experience, I say!

Joker puppet from Channapatna


Because we love Ganeshas, and love collecting them in different poses, colours, and materials, we had to buy this wooden Ganesha from Malleshwaram market. It now sits, amidst our other Ganeshas, in our pooja room.

Colourful Ganesha from Malleshwaram market


A wooden elephant puzzle that I picked up from an arts-and-crafts store in Vidyaranyapura. The bub isn’t up to assembling it yet, but she loves watching me doing the puzzle. And, of course, I love assembling it!

Wooden elephant puzzle from a Vidyaranyapura store


A bouncy doll that we got in Channapatna. The bub loves trying to pat it to sleep, and giggles with glee when the doll refuses to sleep, rising up from the ground every single time. πŸ™‚

She calls this one ‘Bobby’, BTW. Because it bobs. πŸ˜›

‘Bobby’, who comes from Channapatna


We got home this wooden abacus from the arts-and-crafts store in Vidyaranyapura, too. The bub is too young to really use it, but she runs off with it to the bedroom at times and pretends to count ‘One, two…’ at times, when we all bother her too much. πŸ™‚

She loves watching me count on it, too.

Abacus from a Vidyaranyapura store


This wooden aeroplane that we picked up in Malleshwaram market is a hot favourite at our place. I love its bright colour, and the bub loves sliding it along on the floor as she walks beside it.


Aeroplane from a Malleshwaram market roadside stall


A toy wooden watch that we picked up in Channapatna, because Bubboo keeps insisting on wearing her dad’s huge watch. She loves it to bits, and wears it to the park on her evening walks, these days!

Pink wooden toy watch from Channapatna


Well, that’s all about our favourite wooden toys. Do you have wooden toys that you love, too? Show me, please!


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18 thoughts on “Little Discoveries In The Parenting Journey 4: Of Wooden Toys And Buying Them Directly From The Craftsmen Of Channapatna

  1. I absolutely loved this post TGND! I totally get you when you say that you would prefer wooden toys over others anyday. That horse is my dream – in the preschool I went to, there were 4 horses and always a queue – not sure if it was the queue or the fun of rocking on the horse, it always was such a popular elusive “toy” – your girl is lucky to have one in her home πŸ™‚
    I have never liked toys as a kid except for a swing and the horse but now, am so fascinated by them – I want to stop by Channapatna and also collect these toys someday. By the way, in Italy, when we were in Rome, we went to this place called Bartolucci , a wooden toy maker and he has the most amazing of toy collections that he makes in the workshop with other students as well. When you go to Italy (am taking it for granted that you will), please do visit it – you will love it! πŸ™‚


    1. @Kismitoffeebar

      That Italy place sounds absolutely gorgeous – sigh! I do hope I visit Italy at least once in my lifetime.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed the post.

      Buying wooden toys is an experience as is playing with them. Buying them directly from the craftsmen who make them is a wonderful experience, a must-have one, as per me. πŸ™‚


  2. This is such a pretty collection and I am glad Bubboo has such thoughtful parents, she is a lucky girl! πŸ™‚
    BTW even I love Matryoshka dolls & hoping to get them from Russia one day πŸ™‚ ❀
    But I guess I should be on a lookout for them in case I find them here before I get to visit Russia πŸ™‚


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