The Little Drama Queen & I

The little one has, lately, taken to checking out my hands, then those of her father, and then her own. She inspects each of our hands thoroughly, rubs her fingers along the wedding rings that her Appa and I wear, and then says, ‘Amma ring’ and ‘Appa ring’. Then, holding her hands up into the air, she quips ‘Ammu ring illai (Ammu doesn’t have a ring)’.

She says this in such a pitiful voice that we are almost convinced we should buy her a ring immediately.

Drama queen! 🙂


The other day, I was doing some food photography when the bub got attracted by my camera and wanted to grab it. Considering that she has already done considerable damage to my camera earlier, I tried to divert her attention elsewhere.

The next thing I knew, she began cooing ‘I love you’ and ‘Amma, I love you’, in a voice dripping with honey. ‘Amma, after photo, give camera to Ammu,’ she said, followed by another sugary-sweet ‘I love you!’.

I was stumped. I still am.


So, my little girl has now officially learnt the art of emotional manipulation. Who on earth teaches these babies these things, huh?


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